Business Advice For Women

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Learn how to create a successful blog, that can create passive income for years to come.

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Side Hustles

We have written numerous articles about the highest paying side hustles for working and single moms just like you!

Business Ideas for Women

Business Ideas

There are a variety of small business ideas for women and housewives

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Home Based Business Ideas

Most of us moms who work outside the home often start to feel guilty about the amount of time we spend at our workplace versus with our children.

Let’s turn things around. Stop feeling guilty and view the best home-based business ideas for working moms just like you!

Go ahead, find your passion that can lead you on the path to financial freedom!

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Hi I’m Ashley

Ashley of the Rich Girl Blog

Ashley Cooper

The Rich Girl Lifestyle Blog is a place to help women and moms learn how to make money with the best side hustles, business ideas, and blogging. I provide help to bloggers and business owners who need assistance with catchy business name ideas, finding the most profitable side hustles, and learning the best blog topics and ideas to bring traffic to their site.
I’m a serial entrepreneur who loves to find ways to make money, thinking of the best business name ideas for small businesses, and of course, blogging!

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Let’s Explore Your Options To Financial Wealth


Starting a Blog is one of the most popular and profitable online business ideas for women. Learn how to start your own profitable blog.

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Affiliate Marketing

Do you ever recommend products or services to your friends and family? How about getting paid to refer items to people? Learn how to get started with affiliate marketing

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Online Business Ideas

It’s time to work from the comfort of your own home, and drop that dreaded 9-5 job. Explore the best online business ideas.