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100 of the Best Event Planning Business Name Ideas

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Ready to get the party started? Starting an event planning business is a great way to generate income and provides schedule flexibility. Thus making it a great side hustle for many busy moms. According to research, spending for special events worldwide is 500 billion dollars annually. This means people do not mind shelling out cash to have a good time. But how can you create a fantastic event planning business name that will not only demonstrate your creativity but also your passion for party planning?

As a wedding and event photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with fantastic event planners and some that weren’t so great. But those planners who shined at events had a fantastic creative design, excellent organizational skills, and a catchy yet traditional name. Those traits are what helped me to remember them long after the event was over.

Planners who possess these skills and have mastered the art of branding themselves will be the ones who land the most clientele and have continued success managing a party planning business.

How Do I Make My Event Planning Company Stand Out?

Every new business owner ponders how to make their business stand out. One way to create buzz around an event planning business is to brand the business correctly.

The first steps to branding a business consist of knowing the target clientele. In addition to having a logo and creating a catchy yet memorable event planning business name. Although I can’t help you discover your target clientele, I can help you learn how to create a list of unique party planning business name ideas.

Avoid Hard to Spell Names

The name of an event planning business should be one that’s easy to pronounce so that it will flow out of your customer’s and potential customer’s mouth effortlessly. Plus, creating a unique name that is hard to spell might result in your business not being found on the internet.

Plan for the Future

A successful event planning business will be one that plans more than one specific type of event. Therefore, it’s important not to give an event planning business a name that is limiting. For instance, if you plan on offering your services to brides and moms looking to plan their children a party. Then you would not want to name yourself “Katy’s Wedding Planning.”

That name alone could cause many moms who want to plan that extravagant first birthday party not to contact you. Because they may have assumed by your business name, you only plan weddings.

However, giving your event planning business the name “Katy’s All Event Planning” would signal to consumers that you’re down to plan various types of events.

Avoid Negative Connotations

In a service based business, trust and likability plays a large roll in whether or not you are hired for the job. With this in mind small business owners should avoid names associated with anything that could viewed as offensive.

In the party planning business, word of mouth will be one of the leading ways you obtain new clientele. And I’m sure you will only want the best things said about your business.

Make the Name Descriptive

We kind of touched on this subject previously. When creating an event planner business name, having a name that describes the type of services you offer can be extremely beneficial. For example, if you will also offer decor design with your party planning services, it would be wise to add the word design to your business name. Having the one keyword that consumers are looking for could mean the difference between your services being booked or overlooked.


It can be difficult to think of a unique event planning business name that is still descriptive and easy to spell. But having originality in the party planning business is something that most people are looking for. And your business name will be their first impression.

That’s why it’s so important for your business name to reflect your originality. Being original can also assist in avoiding potential legal consequences. As well as your business being confused with your competitors. When I first started my photography business, I named it Ashley Cooper Wedding Photography.

However, I failed to realize it was another photographer in my area named Amber Cooper. And I had many brides who thought I was her and vice versa. So finally, I decided to bite the bullet and change my business name. I didn’t want my work to be mistaken for hers, and I wanted to be original.

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Check to Ensure the Name is Available

Before settling on an event planner company name, make sure that it is available. I cannot stress this enough. It’s nothing worst than deciding on a business name just to find out it’s already taken.

So before deciding on a name, check to see if the domain available, which you can do below. Also, double-check the event planning business name is available on social media. When branding a business, you want everything to be the same, social media handles, domain name, and business name.

If the name is available in all three areas, I suggest locking that name down quickly! Remember you aren’t the only one looking to start an event planning business.

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Now that we have covered a few tips to help you create your own list of event planner company names let’s look over my lists.

Event Planning Company Names

Below are the best event planning company names to inspire you;

  • The Polished Look
  • Posh Events
  • An Affair to Remember
  • Champagne Toast Event Planning
  • Reflecting on The Moments
  • Dancing Into the Night
  • A Red Carpet Affair
  • Splendid Memories Event Planning
  • Elegance Uplifted Designs and Events
  • The Over Prepared Planner
  • Social Lite Events and Planning
  • Events Coordinated Blissfully
  • Connecting of the Minds Event Planning
  • An “I” for Planning
  • Beyond Imagination
  • No Limits to Design
  • The Party Experience
  • The Fun Expectation

Event Planning Business Names

Here are some cool and catchy event planning business names that you can use!

  • Backdrops and Sunset Events
  • Beach Front Parties and Planning
  • On the Horizon
  • Mimosas and Latte’s Events and Designs
  • Toddler Party Planning and Events
  • Jumping and Jelly Beans Party Planning
  • Garden Events and Planning
  • Tinker Bell and Tutu’s Event Planning
  • Happy Jamboree
  • Seasoned Events
  • Beyond the Day Of
  • Special Occasions Event and Decor
  • Partying is the Plan
  • Disco Events and Design
  • Flapper Girl Events
  • Life’s Milestones
  • Cater To Events

Name and Nicknames for Event Planner Business Names

Do you have a nickname? Use it for your event planning business name.

  • Events By Cindy
  • Sunset Partying By Samantha
  • Emma Events and Designs
  • Cole Design
  • MJ’s Party Planning Extravaganza
  • Creative Creations by Candace
  • Frankie’s Festive Events
  • Out The Ordinary Decor By Olivia
  • Weddings By Diane
  • Leave it to Tasha

Party Planner Business Names

Below are creative and catchy unique party planner names

  • The Ultimate Party Experience
  • Before the Party
  • Big Birthday Bash Planning and Events
  • Ring the Alarm
  • Cake Smash Party Planning
  • The Party Mania
  • The Life of the Party
  • PiƱata Parties
  • Unicorns and Rainbows
  • Big Beautiful Bow Events
  • Chasing Rainbows
  • A Creative Dream
  • The Glowing
  • Fabulous Events and Designs

Unique Names for Wedding Planning Business

Here are a few unique business names for wedding planners to use

  • Catch The Bouquet
  • Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Planned
  • A Flair of Elegance
  • Blissful Events
  • Tying the Knot Events and Designs
  • Proposed Planning and Design
  • Legacy Events
  • A Wish Come True
  • Planned with Love
  • Blissful Nuptials
  • Jumping the Broom
  • Coordinated Kisses
  • Elegance on Demand
  • The Wedding Mastermind
  • Coordinated “I Do’s”
  • A Planned Affair
  • Executed By Detail
  • The Wedding Concierge
  • The Seal of Approval

Party Planner Names

Below are clever party planner name ideas to inspire you.

  • Beyond Planning
  • Beautifully Executed
  • The Chronic Partier
  • Party Street
  • The Party Pandemic
  • The Thoughtful Planner
  • Events Reimagined
  • Celebrating You
  • It’s Time to Plan
  • Details on Point
  • Life’s Little Events and Designs
  • Parties Inspired by You
  • Planning Ahead
  • Extreme Events
  • The Happy Party Planner
  • Above Expectations
  • Take it Up a Notch
  • Unmeasurable Events
  • Infinite Creativity and Designs
  • Coordinated with Color

Party Planning Business Names

Here is a list of awesome party planning business names for you to use!

  • Mega Events and Designs
  • Ready, Set, Party
  • Princess Party Planning
  • Party Planet
  • The Party Planning Palace
  • Signed Sealed and Delivered Events
  • Divine Design and Events
  • Couture Events
  • Party Consultants
  • The First Impression Event Planning
  • A Personal Touch Parties and Props
  • An Adorned Affair
  • Platinium Parties
  • Events by Destination
  • Simplicity Meets Elegance
  • An Afterthought
  • Splendid Planning and Events

Event Company Names

  • The Coordinated Conference
  • A Detailed Meeting
  • One Sweet Event
  • Rose Gold Party Planning
  • An Abstract Event
  • Sunshine Events
  • One Big Party
  • Elite Events
  • Ritzy Royal Events
  • An Intimate Meeting
  • A Queen’s Touch
  • Inspired by the Soul
  • As you Wish Events
  • Diva Events and Designs
  • The Event Designed Group
  • Next Level Events and Design
  • A Fresh Look

Party Name IDeas

  • A Lit Fiesta
  • Fun Outings
  • All Hands on Deck
  • Catered Fun and Festivities
  • Pretty Elegant Designs
  • Beautiful Designs
  • Golden Approval
  • Soiree Designs
  • One Lavish Shindig
  • The Golden Gala
  • A Revelry Event
  • Cool Jubilee
  • Colorful Festivities and Designs
  • A Pretty Bash
  • A Classic Production
  • Shimmer and Shine Events and Designs
  • Vintage memories and Events

Final Thoughts

Are you planning on starting an event business? If you have thought of a great event planning business name, please share it below!

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