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100 of The Best Instagram Usernames and Names to Get Followers

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Get More Followers With The Best Instagram Usernames Of The Year

As an online marketer and business owner, I find myself spending a lot of time on Instagram to gain more followers. This has caused me to wonder what are the best Instagram usernames to get followers and engagement? . Today, I will share with you tips on creating the best Instagram usernames to increase your number of followers.

Best Instagram Names to Get Followers

  • Food Wrap
  • True Life Motivation
  • Sincerely Inspired
  • Hot Tennessee Native
  • Fav Cousin From NY
  • Girls Dad
  • I’m Amazed
  • Diet Fitness
  • I Am a True Delight
  • You Betches
  • The Throwback
  • 1 Hot Millennial
  • No Dirty Thirty
  • Slay Game Killer
  • The Makeup Mistress
  • Gone in 30
  • From All Angles
  • Deep Thoughts
  • The Chilly City
  • Blonde BumShell
  • Divine and Fabolous
  • Top Dawg of NYC
  • True Life Barb
  • Her Boss Tribes
  • Hustling in Heels
  • Quotes From A Wise Mind
  • A Blonde Mermaid

Cute Instagram Names

  • Back to the Basics
  • Living Life and Loving It
  • The Cute Feminine
  • Your Own Journey
  • Just One More Time
  • Fabulous Wine Drinker
  • Sparkles and Blush
  • Velvet Rose
  • Random Giggles
  • Fashion Hunter
  • Pastel Kisses
  • Moon Struck
  • The Fashion Booker
  • Fragmented Thoughts
  • King of the J’s
  • The Big Dawg Club
  • The Influenced Queen
  • Mood of Trend

Zodiac Usernames for Instagram

  • Daddy of Zodiac
  • Fire Babe
  • The Watered Element
  • King Leo
  • Water of the Air
  • Tipsy Libra
  • Ace Zodiac
  • Electra
  • Zinger
  • Bold Baby
  • The Maiden
  • Bull of the Universe
  • The King Crab
  • The Archer Maiden
  • The Goat of the Sea
  • Fished Out
  • Bearer of Water

The Best Cool Instagram Name Ideas To Get Followers

  • The Real Farmhouse
  • Love and Linens
  • The Green Girl Life
  • Give Him Life
  • Arts of Flowers
  • The Land of Love
  • Vixen Vibes
  • Unicorn Dreams
  • All of the Lights
  • Bright Suns
  • Positive Social
  • Rural Socialite
  • Carmel Stone
  • Savvy Millennial Girl
  • Cultivate Creativity
  • Bloggers Pursuit
  • Insta Work Party
  • Sassy Mom Creator

How do you get a unique username on Instagram

Since Instagram is extremely popular, it can be difficult to create a unique username that isn’t already taken. Thus making finding the right Instagram name a time-consuming process. But let’s be real, your Instagram name is a reflection of your personality and your content. Therefore you want to be deliberate about choosing the perfect username.

Whether you or just thinking about starting an Instagram account or plan on changing your existing username, the following steps will help you create a unique and memorable Instagram username. And most importantly, a cool username that isn’t taken!

Instagram Account Setup

Before deciding on a cool Instagram username, you must first decide how you will use your account. Will your account be for business purposes or for your own personal use? The answers to these questions will help you determine what type of unique username is best for you.

If you are starting a business account, it would be wise to have your username related to your business name. As a business owner or entrepreneur, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep your branding consistent. This is why before choosing a name idea for your business, it’s good to verify that the social media handle isn’t already taken.

When choosing my username for my blogging business, I wanted to make sure I kept it simple and named my Insta account after my blog, The Rich Girl Blog. I also did the same for my photography business.

instagram username ides to get more followers

Also, try to make your business Instagram username memorable and catchy. So try to keep your username simple. On the other hand, if you are searching for a unique Instagram username for your personal account, then you have a greater opportunity to find the most desirable username. People looking for personal Instagram usernames can use various methods to choosing their usernames.

Incorporate Your Favorite Things In Your Instagram Username

Another potential way to create a good Instagram name to get followers is to share your favorite items or topics. People who share a passion for that topic (your favorite item) will be more likely to follow your account. Because they will assume you will be posting content related to your profile name.

For instance, for those who are makeup lovers and plan on posting makeup related content to your profile, try incorporating the word makeup in your username.

Let’s say you’re not into makeup, and you’re more of a foodie. Then you just widened your range of potential Instagram usernames that are available to you! And if you love food and makeup and decide to incorporate both those things in your usernames, you have hit the jackpot to create a unique username!

And you don’t have to just incorporate your favorite things. You can also use your nickname, a favorite town, or your hometown. Below are Instagram usernames that you can use to get followers.

Final Thoughts on the Best Instagram Username Ideas To Get Followers

Now that you have a couple of ways to create the best Instagram usernames, it’s now time for a little brainstorming and organizing. Ask yourself, how can I combine the details I plan on talking about the most on Instagram to formulate the best Instagram username to get more followers?

Instagram usernames to get followers
Instagram usernames to get more followers