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1000 of the Best Etsy Shop Name Ideas and Tips Just For You

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Etsy Shop Name Ideas That Will Drive Traffic and Increase Sales

I just started an Etsy store, and let me tell you, finding the perfect name for your new Etsy shop can become a daunting task. Because sometimes, finding a creative name isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Especially if you’re indecisive like me! In this post, we will discuss how to pick the best Etsy shop name. And provide you with a variety of Esty shop name ideas. But before we dig into the “how,” let’s look at the best Etsy shop name ideas.

Etsy Shop Name Ideas

  • Cute Digital Goods
  • The DIY Handmade Crafts
  • The Shop of Creativity
  • The Vintage Plug
  • Organically Homemade
  • Recycled Threads
  • The Great Boutique
  • The E is for Everything
  • Two Cute Old Ladies
  • Grandma’s Handcrafted Crafts
  • The Sweater Emporium
  • Candles and Crafts
  • Unique Kid’s Room D├ęcor
  • Hidden Rubies
  • The Fantasy Styles
  • Dana’s Digital Products
  • Customized Treasures
  • Made Specifically for You

Is it Worth it to Sell on Etsy?

Many people in my blogging group have asked me if it is worth opening an Etsy store if you only plan to sell pintables or other digital goods. And my answer has always been yes! Opening an Etsy shop is a brilliant business move.

And if you want to make printables but don’t know how, Suzi of Start A Mom Blog has a wonderful course Printables By Numbers, which I took to help me get started selling digital printables calendars, invitations, and business cards.

Why? Because Etsy is a great way to make money online, especially for stay at home moms. Running your own Etsy store gives you scheduling flexibility, as well as its relatively low cost to start selling on Etsy.

One of the reasons I opened my Etsy store is because it was a great idea for passive income. In my Etsy shop, The Rich Girl Designs, I can spend a few hours creating a digital product and resell it over and over.

In my opinion, that’s a fantastic way to earn money, without spending a huge amount of time each day creating products. Now I’m sure for those who make 6 figures on Etsy or have thousands of sales, they might spend a significant amount of time creating merchandise.

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Etsy Success Stories

And don’t worry if you can’t seem to figure out what you want to sell on Etsy just yet. I have plenty of Etsy business ideas that you can look over. But remember, to be successful on Etsy, you have first to get started. Just think about some of the Etsy success stories, such as that of Steph of Zero to Biz.

Steph was able to make over 1,300 in her very first month selling on Etsy. Steph started her shop creating custom, printed invitations and announcements. And there are others just like her who have had experienced unimaginable success with their Etsy stores.

Stephanie of Business Chic Mama has managed to make…wait on it! 206,000 from her Etsy shop, just as a side hustle! I’m not lying. You can check out her post for yourself, and she explains how she could make this kind of cash. Still on the fence about if Etsy is worth it?

Let’s continue and look at the story of Brittany. Brittany was a nurse, who decided she wanted to spend more time with her family and travel, so she started a few online businesses. One of which was her Etsy store B Stamped. In a year, she had made over 100,000 selling on Etsy! Now I know some of you might be thinking, what in the heck does all of this have to do with finding a cool Etsy shop name.

etsy shop name ideas

I wanted to share Etsy success stories to help those who might still be asking, “is it worth it to sell on Etsy.” As well as share with you Etsy shop names of successful sellers to help inspire you during your name idea process. So how can you create a fabulous Etsy shop name that will get your store on the road to success?

Tips for choosing an Etsy store name

One of the most important details you must decide on before picking your Etsy shop name is what you will sell? One method to choosing the perfect shop name is to name it after the merchandise you sell. Remember your business name is your customer’s first impression of you and your product. And a descriptive shop name could be the difference between someone scrolling past your storefront or someone clicking into your shop.

For instance, if you’re selling jewelry within your Esty store, it would be a good idea to include that in your shop name. Of course, you want to include words that make your jewelry sound more appealing than your competitors. You could use Etsy shop name ideas such as;

  • Romantic Jewelry
  • Handmade Jewelry By Heather
  • Custom Jewelry For Tots
  • Vintage Jewels
  • Cute Jewelry Pieces
  • Fashion Metals
  • Body Accessories and More
  • Color Palette of Jewels
  • The Necklace
  • Rounded Jewels
  • A Girls Favorite Treasure
  • The Jewelry Chess
  • The Pearly Necklace

Avoid Etsy Shop Name Ideas that Could be Questionable

I’ve shared thousands of business name ideas and blog name ideas with readers over the years on The Rich Girl Blog. And one thing that I will never stop stressing is the importance of researching your name idea before naming your business. This is because you do not want to chose a name that could be considered offensive to others. That is a huge marketing mistake that you do not want to make, my friend. Be sure to research your Etsy shop name ideas before making a final decision on a store name.

Use Your Own Name or Nickname For Your Etsy Store Name

Adding your surname or nickname to your Etsy store name is a good way to personalize your shop. There are plenty of companies that use their name and even their children’s name in their business or store name. For instance, Wendy’s, the fast-food restaurant, was named after the business owner Dave’s daughter Wendy. It’s not only admirable to want to use your loved one’s name, but it also adds to a family’s legacy.

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Use Alliteration or Synonyms For Your Etsy Store Name Idea

Etsy has over 39.4 million active users and has sellers from over 234 countries! This boils down to being creative when creating Etsy shop name ideas. Because let’s be real, you do not want your name to be similar to your competition. I’m not saying name your Etsy shop some outlandish name that is hard to spell and even more difficult to pronounce.

A great way to create an Etsy store name that is not too similar to your competitors is to use synonyms. For example, if you planned on including the word “boutique in your online shop name. Try using other words related to the word boutique: gift store, specialty shop, exclusive shop, concession, or booth. Here are some cute Etsy store name ideas using this method.

How to set up your Etsy store

Signing up for your Esty store will be super easy. And most importantly, it’s free to join. I told you running an Etsy store was a low-cost investment.

  • According to Etsy; the first step you will want to do is go to and click on register in the upper right-hand corner. Follow the steps, and you will be finished with your registration.
  • Once you have finished your initial registration, you can enter your new shop name.
  • List your items, and launch your store!

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Cute Etsy Shop Name Ideas

  • Pretty Perfect Pintables
  • One of a Kind Kid Clothing
  • The Unique Specialty Booth
  • Holiday Picks
  • A Gift For Everyday
  • They Said What.. Knick Knacks
  • Dazzle My Wedding
  • Customized I Do’s
  • Embellished Kiddy Corner
  • The Big Party
  • Crafts For Everyone to Share
  • It’s All Full
  • Stamped With a Kiss
  • Threads and Shoes
  • Press The Button
  • My Hottie
  • The Doll Party Merchandise
  • The Dance Party
  • Searching For Organization
  • You Can Do It Better
  • The Tidy Couch Cushion
  • Remind Me of You
  • It’s a Med Thing

Final Thoughts-Etsy Shop Name Ideas

I can’t reiterate enough how selling on Etsy can be a game-changer for those looking to make some extra cash or looking for a full-time income. But remember, part of your success on Etsy will depend on your branding strategy. This is why it’s crucial to create a list of Etsy shop name ideas and decide which one works best for your brand. Ask friends and family which name resonates the most with them from your list.

After reading through my list of Etsy shop name ideas, and you still need more assistance, try to use a name generator to help you out. But remember, the Etsy shop name ideas produced by name generators aren’t always the most creative. Down below, share some of your Etsy shop name ideas with us, and let us know which name you decided to go with!

etsy shop name ideas