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120 Creative Jewelry Business Names, Ideas, and Suggestions

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When it comes to jewelry business name ideas for your jewelry business, not all that glitters is gold. While a well-chosen name will stand out among the competition and have potential buyers flocking to your shop’s doorstep.

However, a name that sounds or looks like those plastered on disreputable jewelry stores selling fake merchandise will have them scurrying in the opposite direction with their hard-earned cash.

Jewelry businesses are notoriously expensive to set-up. They require more capital than most
startups, and not many people who set off on a journey to start them actually go beyond the planning stage.

Think about it, if you are planning on starting one, you will need money to buy your luxurious inventory. Unless you are planning on selling handmade jewelry or representing a direct sales jewelry company.

You will also need to budget for rent and rates, which can be astronomically high. That is if you want your store conveniently situated in a premium location where all well-to-do customers frequent.

On top of everything else, you will also need money to hire an expert security company to protect your merchandise from thieves.

With these and other considerations in mind, you must get many things right at the first time of asking as far as major business decisions are concerned if you don’t want your store to bleed your money.

jewelry store name ideas

This includes hiring honest and capable staff with good seller etiquette and advertising your business adequately so that you start making money as soon as possible.

How to Name Your Jewelry Business

Most importantly, you need to choose an alluring jewelry shop name for your store to attract customers to your shop from the get-go. Your jewelry business name will be a crucial
component of your store’s brand identity.

It will appear in your business logo, promotional material, domain name, legal documents, and sometimes inscribed on your merchandise. Your store customers’ first element will come across, a major identifier and the driving force behind word-of-mouth marketing.

But before you start the process of searching for a jewelry business name idea for your business, there are some important things to consider.

Avoid names that are hard to spell or pronounce

Your jewelry store’s name should flow out of your customer’s mouths with ease. While we all want to give our businesses exotic and unique names, it’s easy to fall into the trap of giving your establishment a name that most people will find very hard to pronounce or spell.

You really want to make sure that the bride-to-be wearing a six-carat ring their fiance bought from your store doesn’t struggle to pass on your reputable business’s name easily to her jealous peers. Or celebrities that have borrowed your pieces for award shows don’t start scratching their heads during an interview when they are asked who they are wearing by a celebrity magazine.

One way to find out if your business name is easy to spell or announce is to tell many people the proposed name. If most of them ask you twice or thrice to repeat what you said, that’s probably a sign you should shelve it.

Don’t give your store a limiting name

An attractive jewelry business name idea will be one that does not make it difficult for you to spread your wings in the future. Naming your store after a particular jewel or service will give you a problem when you want to expand its reach later.

For example, calling your business Venus Diamonds because you sell diamond merchandise.
(e.g., rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.) It will make it difficult for you to expand to pearl-based jewels or other precious stones when you discover a market for them without making changes to the original name.

Calling your store Cooper’s Wedding Merchandise will not help when you want to tap into the matriculation dance craze.

In fact, it’s highly possible that if your store’s brand spreads successfully, and you are very
business-minded, you might want to use it to give you a headstart in other business lines like clothing or investing.

Always try to choose an all-encompassing name for your jewelry store that won’t constrict your future business prospects.

Give your jewelry store a distinct name

Make sure the name of your jewelry store is unique and authentic. Similarities of your store’s
name to that of another jewelry business, especially an established one, will lead your jewel store to be labeled as a pretender or, worse still, get you in legal trouble.

Jewelry company names are sensitive, and major companies are quick to swoop on copy-cats as an association with fake and cheap stores may harm business activity.

Once you have an idea for your jewelry business name, it’s time to check the Trademarks Database to ensure it is available. Also, you will want to make sure there is a domain name available. (This is referred to as an exact match domain). A website name similar to your jewelry store name allows for consistency from a branding point of view.

Check jewelry business name ideas for negative associations

In the jewelry business, trust is huge capital. With this in mind, you don’t want your business
name to be associated with anything shady. For example, using your surname as your jewelry business name would not be wise if you have a famous brother or uncle in your community with the same surname who is in jail for fraud or conning people, would it?

Word-of-mouth plays an important part in jewelry businesses, and you want only the best things said about your business. You will also want to make sure your jewelry business name idea doesn’t seem to discriminate against anyone’s sexuality, religion, or political ideology.

We live in more liberal times were accepting other people for who they are is actually a sellable trait.

Get Feedback

Finally, before settling on a permanent name, you will want to get some sort of feedback from family, friends, and the greater community.

Brand name testing is essential in that it helps you zero in on a name that resonates more
strongly with your customer base. Have a shortlist of proposed names and spread them out in your community. These days, you can even do brand testing on social media using ranking apps.

During this process, you can find out if your name is easy to pronounce or spell, or if it’s
relevant for a jewelry business.

Avoid the inconvenience of having to change your jewelry store name months or years after
using it by doing it right the first time.

Now for the fun part.

Below, we outline four ways you can go about creating attractive name ideas for a jewelry business that will stick with your customer base. Plus a few original examples of quirky business name ideas that you can consider.

Use Your Name

You can use your first name or surname (or both) as a brand name for your jewelry store, but
there are important conditions to consider. As we mentioned above, the first one is that it has to have a nice sound to it, not be hard to spell, and have a few syllables, at least.

The desire to create a personal legacy must not outweigh that of creating a profitable business.

You can consider using your nickname, instead, for your store’s name if your name doesn’t
have a nice sound to it since, by nature, most nicknames usually are easier to pronounce and say than the original name.

jewelry business name ideas

Giving your jewelry store your name creates trust as people know there is actually a real
individual behind the business answerable for the jewels on display.

It’s also a smart business move when the jewels on your catalog are so strongly attached to
your name or surname you are actually your store’s foremost brand. For example, your family
might have a centuries-old reputation for finding the best pearls in the sea, or you might be the best diamond cutter in your city.

In this instance, using your name would be wise since it adds value to your jewels by associating it with quality.

Naming jewelry stores after the owner is the most popular method in use. Some of the famous jewelry brands carrying their founder’s names are Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, Cartier, Chanel, Gucci, and Boucheron.

Use foreign words

You can also use foreign words for your store’s name. Foreign words have an exotic feel to
them and sound excellent. What more, if the word comes from a culture or region with a
good reputation in the jewelry industry, this may work favorably for your business.

Here are made-up examples of exotic names for a jewelry business that you can use and the reasoning behind them :

  • Akoya Jewellery Store (Akoya is a Japanese name for saltwater. There is also a species of oyster called the Akoya, which produces premium pearls famous the world over for their beauty)
  • Persian Gems Inc. (Old Persia was known for its exotic people who loved beautiful jewels. his is still referenced in movies about the great civilization nowadays, the recent being Will Smith’s Aladdin).
  • House of Marrakech ( A city in Morroco known for its jewelry industry)
  • Gemme (simple means gem in French, a language associated with style and love)
  • Gyan (Indian word for knowledge)

Pick a name from mythology

This is another famous option. Why, you may ask? Because, aside from their remarkable acts of debauchery, our favorite fictional mythological figures’ love for all things beautiful and shiny is well documented in their stories.

Names derived from mythology usually have a nice sound to them. Also, there is potential to
create dashing symbols or logos for your shop when you use a mythological name.

Real-life examples of jewelry brands are Hermes, Versace, and Pandora.

Here are available names based on mythology you can use for your jewelry store:

  • Edda (manuscripts of Old Norse Poems featuring mythological characters like Thor and Odin)
  • Baldr (god of light, joy, and purity in Norse Mythology for being the most beautiful god in that lore)
  • Magni (One of Thor’s sons in Norse Mythology)
  • Hebe (the greek goddess of youth)
  • Erinyes (the other name for the fearsome Furies in Greek Mythology)

Use Acronyms

Acronym name used in the jewelry business names seems rare, but that’s why you should try it out: You get to be a trendsetter. You can try out limitless acronyms for your business as only your imagination is the limit with this method of choosing a name for your jewel store.

You can combine your names, you and your partner’s names, names of places, or even shorten a longer made-up name to a more aesthetic length. Acronyms have to sound nice too, and the shorter, the better.

Here are examples of acronyms you can use:

  • Peje (Persian Jewels)
  • HOM (House Of Marrakech)
  • TEGS ( The Exquisite Gem Store)
  • D&P (Diamonds and Pearls)
  • ASCO (Ashley Cooper)

Make The Name Descriptive

Give people an instant idea of the kind of jewels or service they will get from your shop. Examples to use here will depend on the type of jewels you want to sell, your target market, and other specifics.

Here are made-up examples of jewelry business name ideas you can adopt:

  • Suzie’s Wedding Jewels
  • The Executive Jewel Shop
  • The Diamond Shop
  • The Gold Merchant
  • House of Pearls

Quirky Jewerly Business Name Ideas

  • A Girls Gems
  • Special Occasion Stones
  • Raw Cut Stones
  • Lauren’s Special Gifts and More
  • Promise Rings and Charms
  • Beads, Bling, and Rings
  • Treasured Trinkets
  • Diamante Jewels
  • Bijoux
  • Trinkets of Treasure
  • Lotus Stones
  • Treasured Pearls
  • Brilliant Precision
  • Infinite Stones
  • Vintage Trinkets
  • Timeless
  • Mixed Ornaments
  • The Gold Vault
  • The Vault

Handmade Jewelry Business Name Ideas

  • Custom Embellishments
  • Beauty Fashion and Accessories
  • Inspired By You
  • Custom Creations and Beads
  • Worn Confidence
  • Tangled Stones
  • Metal Rose
  • Worn Artistry
  • Vintage Customized Jewels
  • A Personal Touch
  • Adorn Beads
  • Patchwork
  • Handcrafted
  • Hand Tailored Creations
  • Innovated Styles
  • The Crafty Gemologist
  • Iced Styles
  • The Modernist Bead
  • Custom Knickknacks

Paparazzi Jewelry Business Name Ideas

  • Colorful Jewels
  • Closet Trinkets
  • Affordable Find
  • Cute Sparkles
  • Boss Shop Jewelers
  • Specialty Event Wear
  • Goddess Gems
  • Blue Stone
  • Creative Imitation
  • No Limitations
  • Designer Looks
  • Sassy Clasp
  • Independent Stone
  • Comfort Gems
  • The Bangle
  • Social Envy

Final Thoughts

Are you considering opening a physical or online jewel store? Do you already have a
name in mind? If so, tell us in the comment section below how you came up with it?

jewelry business name ideas