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150 Creative and Cool Instagram Photography Names

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The Best Instagram Photography Names for 2021

Instagram is a fantastic platform for photographers to advertise, and display their work. But with the photography business being so saturated with amateur’s and professionals alike, it can be difficult to find the best photography Instagram names, that has yet to be taken.

However, this is why in this article, we will see the best creative photography names for your Instagram account. It also covers how to pick a catchy name on Instagram and what are good names for a photography business.

Creative Photography Names for Instagram

Here is a list of creative photography names for Instagram!

  • FotosLuvYou
  • Capture The Smile
  • Click and Capture
  • Create Today Remember Tomorrow
  • InstaPhotoLover
  • PictureThis
  • Within the Frame
  • Memories Are Us
  • Smiles Are Us
  • Precious Memories
  • PhotoLover2
  • Captures and Sneak Peeks
  • Imagine Images
  • Hot Boudoir Photography
  • Born New Photography
  • PicsofReality


Cool Photography Names for Instagram

Below are examples of cool photography names for Instagram that you can use!

  • Photogenic Photos
  • Photographic Memories
  • Straight Through The Lens
  • Lens Is Us
  • ShutterClicks
  • JPeg To The Edge
  • Studio4You
  • LotsofLights
  • Blurred Bokeh
  • The 50mm
  • The Boudoir Foto
  • Studio Pieces
  • Inspired By Memories
  • Broken Frames

Photography Name Ideas

Here are awesome name ideas for photography!

  • The Beauty in the Lens
  • Shutter Speed
  • Kiss my ISO
  • The Golden Hour
  • Catch The Flash
  • KaptureTheSun
  • ClicksforPets
  • PhotogenicRUs
  • CinemaFav
  • FlashoType
  • Lens To The Past
  • Millennial Photographer
  • Millennial Pics
  • Pics of Love
  • Industry of Light

Photography Page Names

Below are the best photography page names on the web!

  • Pictures are Love
  • Lovely Lens
  • Lovely Pixels
  • Pops of Pixels
  • Color Flash
  • Masterstroke of Memories
  • Rays of Flash
  • Flashes from The Past
  • The picture to the Future
  • Grab The Lens
  • Crowned Images
  • Beauty Of Pixels
  • Another Angle
  • Photos of the Street

What are good names for a photography business?

When I decided to start my photography business, I could not create any cute photography name ideas for my social media handles, particularly Instagram. That’s how I created this new list of cute photography name ideas that you can use for inspiration creating your perfect list of photography Instagram names.

Because there are so many photography accounts on Instagram, it’s a good idea to think of a name that will help you stand out and attract more followers and likes. These are the tips I have used over the years to create thousands of business name ideas such as clever food truck names, makeup artist Instagram names, awesome food page names for Instagram, and more!

An Instagram Photography Name That Is Offensive To Others

As you’re trying to grow your brand on social media, particularly Instagram, the last thing you want to do is to be offensive to certain groups of people. Some may think it’s impossible to pick a photography Instagram name that could rub people the wrong way. However, one must accept that some people are sensitive to names with negative connotations.

Keep Your Photography Names For Instagram Simple

When finding a cool photography username for Instagram, it’s best to keep it short and simple if possible. This means avoid putting words or phrases in your photography username that is difficult to spell or pronounce. Because you want people to be able to find your profile and tell others about your photography page.

Create Creative Photography Names For Instagram

As you can imagine, it’s thousands, if not millions, of photography-related Instagram accounts already established on Instagram. This means it will be challenging to find a photography name for Instagram; this is where creativity will come into play. For industries such as photography, I like to use alliteration or related words for creating Instagram name ideas.

Instead of using the photography username “Strike a pose” on Instagram, why not use synonyms or words related to “Strike a pose.” If we were to use this method, we could now. create the name “A Model Pose” or “Hit the Stance.” These photography names for Instagram would be more likely to be available than it’s commonly used counterpart, “Strike a Pose.”

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Avoid Limitations

Before deciding on a creative or cool photography business name you want to take, ask yourself a couple of questions about your business model, such as;

  • What area of photography do you plan on specializing in?
  • Do you plan on being a wedding photographer, lifestyle, or newborn photographer?
  • Will you offer other event services such as videography or custom photo products.

If so, it’s a good idea to chose a photography name for Instagram that encompasses all aspects of your business. In fact, this will help potential clients to identify exactly what photography services you offer.

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Final Thoughts On Creative Photography Names for Instagram

I hope this list of creative photography usernames of Instagram has helped you narrow down your list of photography names. And remember to be creative. It’s also a good idea to ask your family and friends what they think about your potential photography page name.

And if you are still at a loss for creating the perfect username, check out a photography name generator. I would love to know your photography username for Instagram; drop it below!

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