6 social media mistakes that killing your blog traffic

6 Social Media Mistakes That’s Killing Your Blog Traffic

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6 social media mistakes that killing your blog traffic

You’re not getting shares, subscribers, engagement, or page views. I get it, been there, done that several times before. Let’s talk about it. Are you making these 6 mistakes that are killing your blog traffic from social media?

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule with blogging? Spend 20% of the time creating your blog post, and 80% of the time promoting it.

However, the time spent promoting your blog is just as important as where you market your blog.

Creating Headlines That Captures Attention

Have you ever created a blog post that was so good, that you were like oh yeah I know this bad boy going to go viral? You post it on social media sites and its crickets. Nobody shares it, and it produced only a few page views.

I can not reiterate enough how important your headline is when sharing your blog post on social networks. You could have the absolute best content, but if you’re not making those fingers stop scrolling, and clicking on your post…..it’s useless.

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Create a headline, that’s going to capture people’s attention. Some experts live and die by the clickbait strategy. Here’s an example of a clickbait title

“OMG What Wendy Williams Did on Today’s Show Will Absolutely Shock You”


But be careful with clickbait titles. You do not want to mislead people into visiting your site. Remember you want to gain a larger audience and build relationships.

So invoke people’s interest in reading your great article but, don’t mislead them into checking out your content.

Instead use words, that provoke emotion, curiosity, and offers a potential solution to the problem. Need help with creating tantalizing headlines.

Check out my blog post. ” Why Catchy Blog Titles are More Tempting that Cinnabon”

Using the Correct Size Images for the Social Media Network

Whew! Now you might be reading this thinking well duh! But no, I see it a lot. Pinterest graphics being shared on Facebook. Which results in part of the title being cropped, or the image looks distorted.

When creating your blog post, use PicMonkey to create various size graphics for different social media platforms. After I create my blog graphics using PicMonkey. I put them inside of my blog post.

Now when you’re ready to share a piece of your content, you will have the correct size graphic for the social site.

Joining the Wrong FB Groups or Networks

Not all FaceBook groups are created equal. Being in FB groups, that never let you promote your blog content is somewhat pointless in my opinion.

True Story.. when I first started my other blog (it failed) I joined a lot of women networking groups on Facebook. I was all excited trying to post my blog post to the groups Facebook page, and I got kicked out of the group because I was promoting my blog post.

It was my fault because I didn’t read the group rules but my little feelings were hurt. All I was trying to do was get a few page views. But I say that to say, join a group in which promoting your content is allowed.

Yes, it’s great to be able to get tips from other bloggers, but those bloggers can be part of your target audience that will help you generate income.

Join my FB Group Blogging Boss Chicks were we share our content, problems, and solutions.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Let’s be real some people need to be told what to do. When you post your blog post on a social network don’t be afraid to tell people what actions you want taken on your post.

For example, if you want your post to be shared again, you could say something like “don’t forget to hit the share button”

Consistent Posting

If you’re the person who posts every now and then, STOP IT.

To gain a loyal social media following you have to be consistent. Yes, I know you’re busy. You have kids to raise, a house to clean, a job to work and the list goes on and on.

But to be successful at blogging, you have to utilize social media. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of social media myself.

However, for the sake of my brands and income, I post regularly to my business’s social media pages, and my personal profile.

To save time, use a social media marketing app like TailWind, to schedule your social media post.

Yes, it will take one to two hours, once or twice a week to schedule your post. But if you stick with consistently posting content, your blog traffic, will reflect it.

Remember more traffic to your blog means more money, more email subscribers, and more followers for your social media channels.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing is definitely not an easy task. With over 2 million blog post on the web, it’s hard to rank for the search engines.

Which is why driving traffic to your blog post using social media is a great strategy for increasing your page views.

Don’t forget to schedule your social media post using a social media marketing tool like Tailwind.

It’ will take one or two hours out of your day. But if you stick with it, you will see results.

Let me know below which social media channel generate the most traffic for your site.

6 social media mistakes that's killing your blog traffic