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100 of the Best and Clever Food Truck Name Ideas

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Clever Food Truck Name Ideas

If you are a restaurant owner and feel like your business is foundering, maybe it’s time you consider taking the food to your customers by investing in a food truck. Many food truck business owners often wonder what the best food truck names will help their brand stand apart from the competition.

We millennials are a generation that has become famous for overscheduling ourselves and obsessing overtime management, and oftentimes we forget to feed the body that works. But not a lot of people can resist or ignore the jingling bells, the flashy colors, and the scrumptious smell of a passing food truck at break or lunch hour.

Restaurants-on-wheels are not an entirely new concept–food carts have been in existence for centuries. However, their reputation hasn’t been one of the best throughout most of that time. There was a time when food trucks were synonymous with roaches and greasy cutlery.

I know I have had a few suspected food poisoning cases due to me being a foodie who loves to try food trucks. But luckily, things started to change when health inspectors started swopping in to curb potential disease outbreaks, and today, for the most part, order has been restored.

What Should I Name My Food Truck?

A food truck can be a highly lucrative business venture, especially if you find a good location to park. And you’re able to create a good rapport with your customers. However, many people who set on starting a food truck business fail, 60% according to Bloomberg’s article.

food truck name ideas
food truck name ideas

So with these figures in mind, you must get a lot of business decisions right at the first time of asking, including, and most probably importantly, choosing a food truck name that is alluring.

A great name for your food truck business is essential. It is the first thing that connects you with your customers. This is why it is crucial to do extensive research before settling for a permanent food truck name. This includes creating your own shortlist of the best food truck name ideas.

And merging it with a list of suggested names for your food truck from your friends and the community, you will be serving if possible and choosing the best one. The basics of choosing a brand name for a business apply for a food truck, and here are a few important considerations to note.

Creative Food Truck Names

Here are examples of made-up food truck name ideas that incorporate dishes into their structure, which you can use in your business.

  • Ashe’s Tacos
  • The Pizza Van
  • The Coffee Train
  • The Steak Mobile
  • Maxwell’s  Sandwich Station
  • Burger on Wheels
  • Bbq Land
  • The Spice Machine
  • Pizza Ville
  • The Samoosa Club
  • Fish On A Truck
  • Country Boy Cuisine Transported

Catchy Names for Food Business

Here are examples of food names with place names incorporated into them that you can use in your food truck business.

  • The Italian Villa
  • Porto
  • Louisiana with Love
  • The Tokyo Sideshow
  • The Korean Palace
  • Sicily Bolognaise
  • New York Bliss
  • The Ghana Gutter
  • Mediterranean Delight
  • The Chicago Yumtrain
  • California Chow Down
  • Fried From the Dirty South
  • Cruising Lousiana Creole Cuisine
  • Memphis Street Ribs
  • ATL Chicken and Waffles
  • The California Avocado
  • Mile High Burritos
  • Sunshine Cubans
  • Deep Dished From the Chi
  • The Main Lobster Wagon
  • The Hog Wagon

How to Name Your Food Truck

Avoid names that are hard to spell. Choose phonetic names that your customer base can pass around with relative ease. Remember, sometimes, simplicity is best.

Don’t be Offensive. Avoid names that may rub people the wrong way. You must accept that some of your customers will be highly sensitive to a name with negative connotations. This includes names that may have sexual innuendos, a common mistake usually made by food truck owners in naming their business.

Avoid Limitations. While this is not as serious as it sounds in this business, you can do well by trying to find a name that isn’t limiting. Naming your business after a particular food might prove costly. Imagine you sell food of all different cuisines on your food truck.

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However, you decided on the name of the BBQ Pit on Wheels. Some people who see your truck pass by might not think they will find other types of foods on your menu. No one will really expect to find seafood in a truck with a BBQ food truck name, will they?

Choosing an all-encompassing name for this sort of business is always a good idea. Now that we’ve got all that out of the way. Here are methods you can consider using to derive excellent food truck names and free suggested food truck name ideas you can adopt.

Name Your Food Truck After Your Most Ordered Dish

Sometimes choosing a name for your food business is just as easy as taking a look into your business records and identifying the most popular or most ordered dish. If doughnuts are the reason college kids come swarming in droves to your truck at break or lunchtime, you can name it after the dough confection.

And if you are not in business yet, you can always do a soft launch within your community to identify which dishes resonate the most with your customers.

best food truck name burgers
name ideas for food trucks

But you don’t have to be too brazen in naming your food truck. If you are naming it after your most ordered dish. You can also choose a food nickname that has a nice sound to it—for instance, Hot Taters on The Run.

And the nice thing about naming your food truck in this manner is that the name is already descriptive. Thus, people will also know what to expect from the menu when you drive past them across the street.

If you choose to name your food truck after its headline dish, you are joining dozens of successful restaurants or food companies, such as Elmo’s Steakhouse, Papa John’s Pizza, Mystic Pizza, Union Oyster House. All of which went with this naming business method business.

Name Your Food Truck After Your Favorite Place

Like people, countries, states, and cities have reputations. This can also extend to food. Some places have a reputation for producing the tastiest cuisines, and incorporating them into your food truck name would be a masterstroke in marketing.

The Best Food Truck Name Ideas

Think about it, when you think of countries such as Japan and India, what do you expect from their cuisine? Seafood and spicy foods. In Africa, there is Nigeria and Ghana with jollof rice and plantain, and here in St. Louis, we have our award-winning ribs, of course!

Italy, France, and Portugal are a few European countries with famously scrumptious food. That you could use in your food truck’s name. But it’s essential that you at least play the part and have a famous dish in the region you have chosen when choosing this method. However, if you think that will be a problem, you can just name your truck after your town or city to endear it to your folks.

Another advantage of choosing a famous place for a particular food (especially if that food is on your menu) and incorporating it into your truck’s name is that the food reputations of places rarely change.

If you enjoy reading food history, you will find that countries like Korea and Japan have pretty much had a reputation for good cuisine for thousands of years. And they will probably continue to have that reputation for the next thousand.

catchy food truck name ideas

So if you decided to use either of those countries in the name of your food truck. You would not have to worry about rebranding anytime soon. There are, however, places that are infamous for having the worst foods around. Germany and the Netherlands are two countries with the worst food if social media is to be believed. Making these two food truck name ideas that shouldn’t be used.

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Name Your Food Truck After Yourself

Naming a food truck after the chef (hopefully, you, the owner, are the one who cooks the food on your menu) is another common method you can use. You can bet that most of the time when you see a food truck approaching or parked. It probably has the name of the food shack’s owner, with a possessive(apostrophe) at the end.

Which is totally fine! Because really, we all want to create personal legacies of some form. And naming your food truck business after yourself could be the best way to do that.

Can you think of any food trucks in your area that is named after the owner? Some of the most common ones I see every day in our home area are the ones called Gilmo’s, owned by a family friend, Smith’s Coffee Shack, and my favorite Bernard’s Burger Factory.

Using your name for your food truck business is particularly advisable if you are a well-known chef in your area. Or if you or your family have a secret family recipe or ingredient that everyone loves. Again, you will be in good company if you choose this way to name your business. Many successful big brands choose this method to name their brands, such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Hunt Brother’s Pizza, and Tim Hortons.

But be warned that if you use this method for naming your food truck, and barring massive growth like the ones experienced by the aforementioned restaurant examples like McDonald’s. There are chances your business won’t outlive you. If you are your food truck business brand and you retire or die, more often than not, your business might tank unless it rebrands using another name.

Here are examples of names incorporated into food truck names you can use for your business. Of course, you would need to change the name or surname to yours.

  • Maxwell’s Sandwich Monster
  • Cooper’s Food on Wheels
  • Paulson’s
  • Caroline’s Samoosas
  • The Hank Brothers Pizza Train
  • Doherty and Doherty
  • TCM (this is to indicate you can even use initials with this method)
  • Ashley’s
  • Hunt’s Wondertrain
  • Martha The Mother of Bliss
  • Katie’s Curbside Kitchen
  • Tossing it Up With Ted
  • Sammy’s Pancakes on A Stick
  • Bob’s Breakfast in a Jar
  • Jones Jambalaya
  • Vanessa’s Vegan Treats To Go
  • Fast Teddy’s
  • Madea’s Mouth Watering Chow
  • Munching Max Food Machine

Food truck name ideas

Name Your Food Truck After A Food Related Sound or Item

Growing up in our neighborhood, there was nothing that gave me greater joy than seeing the Chew Chew Truck at the park whenever we’d go there as a family on weekends. The food wasn’t particularly nice and Mr. Matteo, God bless his soul, couldn’t pull off a smile if his life depended on it.

But we still looked forward to seeing his food truck and ordering something from it every time. Years later, when I look back at those days, I can’t help but feel like what attracted kids like me, and my sister to his truck was its unique food-related name.

Alluding to food without directly referring to it makes your food truck’s name a little less boring and obvious. Try to experiment with a lot of sounds to create a name that is phonetic and fun! Remember, though, naming your food truck this way is more likely to appeal to kids and the young at heart.

I’m sure not many adults walked casually to the Chew Chew Truck at break time during workdays to get a sausage or hot dog. Also, make sure the name you have chosen doesn’t sound gross or have sexual innuendos that could be bad for business.

Catchy Names for Food Stalls

Here are examples of such names you can use for your food stall business:

  • Thiago’s Munch Mobile
  • Yummy on Wheels
  • The Lickety Wagon
  • The Swallow Halo
  • The Mouthful Heartful
  • The Yum Tow
  • The Melting Cheese Van
  • Munch and Bliss
  • Hunger Tow
  • The Yum Tank
  • Ice Cream Cone Zone
  • Macking the Cheese on Wheels
  • The Fire Engine
  • The Cookie Monster Wagon
  • The Yum Yum Van
  • It’s So Tasty
  • Recess Treats and Eats
  • The Ice Cream Truck
  • Lobster Rolls on the Roll
  • The Wong Tong Wagon
  • The Blazing Blonde Brownie
  • Hybrid BLT
  • Burgers Gone Wild

Name Your Food Truck After A Name From Popular Culture

The ugliest food truck I have ever seen used to park near our college gate every lunch hour during my first year. It looked so bad that some students nicknamed it Jeepers Creepers and the name stuck on(For those who don’t know Jeepers Creepers is a fictional horror monster who ate people and drove about in an old truck on highways where he would pick up his targets).

When the old man who owned the truck heard this, he painted his truck Jeepers Creepers on the back and even began issuing receipts written the name at some point, which I believe was a cool business move.

Creating a food truck name idea list Naming your food truck after unrelated things like characters in popular culture can endear it to people. It could be an 80s inspired name or the name of a movie. You could even name it after animals or plants, the most famous building destroyed, anything that has sentimental value or evokes nostalgia really because nostalgia sells.

Creative Food Stall Names

Here are names derived from popular culture you can use for your food business

  • The Hungernator
  • The Super Taco Wagon
  • The Donaldo Wagon
  • The Quenching Stone
  • The Juicy Jolie
  • Smoothies of The Caribbean
  • Jaws Of Food
  • The Food Thing
  • The Mad Burger Van
  • The Yummy Diaries
  • That 70’s Food Truck
  • Break Dance Burger
  • The Bad Boys of Food
  • Uncle Elroy’s Mobile Kitchen
  • The Monopoly of Philly Cheesesteaks
  • Super Mario’s Fried Steaks
  • Chuckie’s Grilled Cheese
  • Final Destination Dogs
  • Peter Pan Pretzels
  • The Fresh Prince of Burgers
  • Forest Gump Chocolate Treats
  • The Scooby-Doo Patty Melt Wagon
  • The Backstreet Boys Burgers
  • Mobile Food That’s Nsync

Final Thoughts On Clever Food Truck Name Ideas

Are you considering starting a food truck business? Do you have a particular food truck name idea in mind? If so, please tell us your proposed name down below and how you came about it. Need more food truck business names? If so check out this business name generator.

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