best free online courses for housewives and income ideas

The Best Free Online Courses For Housewives and Income Ideas

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The Best Courses For Housewives and Ways to Turn Them Into Income Ideas To Make Money

People seem to think a housewife is someone lazy and only tend to their children. However, nowadays, more and more housewives are making their mark in the business industry.

And if you’re looking for the best jobs for housewives sitting at home, you have found the right site. We will not only discuss the best income ideas, but we will also uncover the best courses of the year for housewives.

In 2014 I was tired of my 9-5 job and wanted to spend more time with my family. So I decided to start a photography business. I had no idea how to market my business or how to create a catchy photography business name.

However, I decided to invest in my craft. I spent hours reading various photography articles and following successful photographers on social media. If you’re interested in my full story, you can read it here.

My hard work paid off, and I generated over 30,000 in profit my first year in business. I officially launched my photography business in 2014. Since then, I have had went my work featured in magazines and won the phenomenal businesswoman award.

But how did I manage to be successful? I continued to pursue as many free online business courses that would help me stay on top of my game. If you want to restart your career and take courses that fit into your schedule. I suggest browsing this list of the best courses for housewives.

WhIch Course Is best For Earning Money

Recently I stumbled upon the site Creative Live. Creative Live offers online classes in photography, art, design, craft & DIY, marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. Some of the courses are free, and some are paid. However, the best thing is they all can be taken online part-time!

Get Out Your Own Way and Create The Life You Want -is a course designed to help provide real-time insights on how to create radical shifts in your life. Course Director Gabrielle Bernstein has been seen on Oprah and teaches coaches, healers, and spiritual teachers. Click Here to Enroll.

Rise and Grind– is one of my favorite free online courses for housewives. Rise and Grind is a class by Daymond John, CEO of Fubu and investor founder on Shark Tank’s reality show. In this course, you will learn how to do the one thing you always wanted to do. This video series will serve as a wake-up call for many to get up and go get it! You can enroll by clicking here.

How to Launch Your New Project– explores creativity, self-discovery, entrepreneurship, and hard-earned lessons. To enroll, click here.

Put Your Money to Work is a class designed to help those understand relationships with money and finance. It is aimed at helping you understand the structure of your business to meet your financial goals. To enroll, click here.

What Work Can A Housewife Do to Earn Money?

Contributing financially to the household is a goal many housewives want to achieve. This is why finding part-time courses for housewives is significant to those who want to earn income online.

Starting an Etsy store is a great income idea for housewives. In fact, in my article “15 Top Selling Items on Etsy,” I discuss how handmade crafts and digital items such as printables are in high demand. In fact, there are many advantages to starting an Etsy store, such as;

  • ability to work from home
  • schedule flexibility
  • you’re your own boss

There are various goods that you can sell within an etsy store. Many sellers on Etsy sell things such as;

  • Printables
  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Home Décor
  • Crafts


Do you have a particular subject or subjects that interest you? Do you enjoy writing? If so, starting a blog is a great income idea for housewives. The startup cost for a blog is inexpensive and can be done in your free time. I started this blog, The Rich Girl Blog, as a resource for other mom entrepreneurs to find ways to make money.

Starting a blog is also not difficult to do, and there are many guides to help you start your own website. Plus, there are many Facebook communities created to help new bloggers make money online. Later on, in this article, I will provide you a list of free courses to help you start making money with a new blog.

Online Boutique

Starting an online clothing boutique has become a very trendy and lucrative income idea for housewives and a side hustle for working moms. With more and more consumers shopping online daily, an online boutique has become the place to shop for many fashionistas. According to research, starting an online boutique is not difficult to do.

Makeup Business

Who doesn’t love makeup, right? Starting a makeup brand is easier than you think, which is why it made the list of income ideas for housewives. Back in the day, starting a makeup brand was only for the rich and famous. But now, regular people are using private label makeup vendors to help them start their own cosmetic business. Here’s how to create a makeup business with little to no money.

Catering Business

For housewives who love cooking, starting a catering business is a wise income idea. I know plenty of housewives who have turned their love for cooking into a way to make money for their families. In today’s society, many people do not have the time to make home-cooked meals. Before starting your food-based business, I recommend making sure you have a catchy food business name to help you stand apart from the competition.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online. As well as a great idea to generate passive income for housewives’. Affiliate marketing is the process in which others recommend the goods or services in exchange for commission. This is the method in which many YouTubers and beauty influencers make thousands of dollars each month. There are plenty of affiliate marketing programs for beginners that you can find here.

how affiliate marketing can work as an income idea for housewives


As you read previously, starting a photography business was my path to entrepreneurship. Starting a photography business is a great idea for those who have to work around their children’s school schedules.

Because most photography clients will want to plan their photoshoots on the weekends. The startup cost for a photography business can also range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending upon the type of photography business you chose to start.


I’m sure you have heard the term podcast before. But what you probably didn’t know is that starting podcast can be a lucrative career move. Podcasters have many ways that they generate income. However, one of the most popular monetization methods is offering services that tie in with the podcast content.

So if you’re a fantastic couponer or a master at handmade crafts, incorporate that valuable content into the podcast. You can find more information on how to start a podcast here. I will also list a class on podcasting below. And if you’re tired of reading and prefer video I also included a video on how to start a podcast for beginners.


I was skeptical about adding starting a daycare to this list. Because if you’re like me, you probably need a break from your kids, let alone watch someone else’s. But hey, starting a daycare is an income idea for housewives who LOVE children. It’s also a home-based business that has low associated start-up costs.


Working as a freelancer from home is definitely a terrific way to generate more income for housewives. Freelancing has become a lucrative home-based business. As a freelancer, you can work in many industries such as blogging, social media, graphic designer, or proofreader. There are sites that such as Fiverr that allow you to post your skills and connect you to consumers looking for your skillset.


Have you heard how much top YouTubers are making online? Kid sensation Ryan, the one who our children watch, play with the latest toys. Yes him. He has a reported net worth of 32 million dollars! Thus making Youtube a great income idea for housewives!

Free Online Courses For Housewives Interested in Starting a Craft Business

For those interested in starting an Etsy store or craft business, these free part-time online courses can be used as a guide to help you along the way.

The Future of Handmade Sales -is a discussion on the emerging trends in selling online. Contains 56 minutes of class content brought to you by some of the brightest minds in the business of making. To enroll in the Future of Handmade Sales, click here.

Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping, and More! – is the ideal class to help discover creativity and the beauty of the artwork. Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping, and More provides insight into starting a home-based business of your own. It also uses products to create beautiful scrapbook pages, customized cards, handcrafted home décor, and much more! To enroll in this online course, click here.

Get Ready to Wholesale– is all about getting your wholesale business up and running. Learn things such as creating and organizing line sheets, what info to have listed on a website, plus much more. To enroll, click here.

Create Brand Trust and Increase Online Sales – Offers insight on how to increase customer trust. As well as teaches privacy policies and terms of conditions for setting up an e-commerce platform. To enroll in Create Brand Trust and Increase Online Sales, click here.

The above-listed classes are the perfect resources for those looking for information on starting a home-based craft business. Also, these free online courses for housewives can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Free Online Courses for Housewives

The Blog Plan is a free course designed to help you plan and grow your blog. While making thousands per month. This course was designed by Suzi Whitford, who was once an engineer but quit her job to become a stay-at-home mom. She has since made millions of dollars with her blogging courses. It’s a course I highly recommend! To enroll, you can click here.

the blog plan a free online course for housewives

Learn the Secrets of Podcasting Success From the Master of The Form– This class by Chase Jarvis and Time Ferriss will address how Tim built his massive audience, monetized his podcast, and more! To enroll, click here.

Entrepreneurship and Presenting Your Best Self Online– You will learn from a panel of the top serial entrepreneurs how they have built their brands and get the best tips for standing out from the crowd.

Final Thoughts On The Best Courses For Housewives and Income Ideas

Hopefully, this list of income ideas and best courses for housewives can help you on your financial freedom journey. Parenting FirstCry.Com also has excellent ideas for housewives to become financially independent. Do you have an idea of ways to make money? If so, share it below! And please share this post!

Best Courses For Housewives and Income Ideas