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90 of the Best Cosmetic Brand Name Ideas For You to Use

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Wondering how to choose the best cosmetic brand name ideas for a new cosmetic line?

Before you set up your cosmetics company and get it up and running, you must invest your time in creating fantastic cosmetic business name ideas for your startup. Not only is this name going to appear in legal documents.

But it is also the name that will headline your products to your customer base and the first thing they interact with before your cosmetics products. While the right name will give you a good headstart in the business, an awful one will stall your progress.

Cosmetics companies are some of the most profitable businesses around. Arguably, every woman or man who harbors a desire to look perfect and is willing to splurge their hard-earned money on products that promises them lasting beauty and youth.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that the global cosmetics industry is worth a staggering 246 billion dollars to date. The male side of this industry, which has traditionally been female-dominated, has only just started making inroads.

L’Oreal estimates the men’s cosmetics industry’s market share to be about 7.7% of this figure and projecting it to increase in size by about 4% per annum.

Despite the huge potential the cosmetics industry possesses, starting a cosmetic company is by no means an easy undertaking. The beauty industry is highly regulated by the government.

And, and it’s fair to say, if you plan on starting a cosmetics company, make sure to do a lot of research and plan ahead for any foreseen complications that might arise.

What is a good name for a cosmetic company?

In this article, we will be outlining ways in which you can go about the process of choosing a cosmetics brand name for your company. As well as give you some examples of business name ideas for cosmetics you can use.

Keep Your Cosmetic Brand Name Ideas Simple

A cosmetic brand name shouldn’t be hard to spell or pronounce. Your customers might like your products, but if it’s difficult for them to pronounce or spell when recommending your products to family or friends, then your hard work will be in vain. Investing a little time in brand research is one way to ensure you will choose the best cosmetics business name ideas.

Originality is Key FOr Creating Cosmetic Shop Name Ideas

Another tip for choosing the best cosmetic brand name is to make sure your name is not similar to another cosmetic company name. The cosmetics industry is susceptible, and most prominent companies have potent legal teams that are always ready to confront pretenders that might ruin their reputations.

If you don’t want legal trouble, try to make your names less generic as possible and try to invest in a lawyer yourself to help you set up your business. There are cheap ones on most freelancing sites that can help you with advice.

Consumer Friendly Name Ideas For Beauty Products

When naming cosmetic products, a good idea is to ensure the product name is sensitive to your customer-base concerns. The cosmetics industry is also delicate in another unfortunate way.

Most cultures and religions frown upon some aspects of this industry. For example, in Africa, there is a rising tide against products with skin-lightening ingredients. This is why these governments are investing loads of money in advising their citizens against them.

A cosmetic brand name that emphasizes this aspect of a product might not do well in places such as Africa. In Europe, on the other hand, animal rights groups are fighting cosmetics companies that use animal extracts in their products.

Due to the inhumane way they are extracted. This is why it’s an excellent idea to have brand research conducted. To help you discover the amount of resistance your products might face in such communities and avoid potential legal cost and profit loss.

Now for the fun part. Here are some additional ways to create catchy business name ideas and examples of the best cosmetic company product names.

Cosmetic Brand Name Ideas

Nature is one of the best places to find inspiration for just about anything in cosmetics. Most animals and plants are known to possess extraordinary regenerating abilities. Thus most cosmetics companies have taken advantage of this fact by using scientifically proven plant and animal-based ingredients in their products.

It’s an excellent marketing strategy because stating the benefits of these ingredients in their sales copy helps woo customers. Examples of animal-based products that have gained infamy in the beauty industry for their efficacy range from snail slime and cow urine to shark liver oil(squalene) and beetle extract(carmine).

Whereas on the plant side, we have the likes of pomegranate extract, citric acid from citrus fruits, and aloe vera extract, which has been used for thousands of years for its moisturizing abilities.

It’s also important to note that most people feel safer using natural products than artificial ones. As they are considered less invasive and generally free from irritants.

comsetic brand name ideas

Some synthetic cosmetic products can have serious consequences on the skin for users. For example, parabens, which are used as preservatives in most cosmetic products, cause cancer.

Natural substances in cosmetics products have also gained some love for being earth-friendly. Making natural substances a great word to incorporate in a cosmetic brand name ideas.

Microplastics, petroleum products, and most synthetic products in common cosmetics products are non-biodegradable and may negatively affect the environment. For this reason, I would avoid incorporating these words into a business name for cosmetics.

Popular cosmetic brands such as True Botanicals, Herbivore Botanicals, Juice Beauty, and 100% Pure also have incorporated natural substance names into their business name.

The Best Cosmetic Brand Names

Below are examples of cosmetics brand name ideas or products derived from nature.

  • Nature’s Alluring Beauty
  • Beauty at the Core
  • The Element of Beauty
  • Temple Beauty
  • Raw cosmetics
  • Fragrant Free Cosmetics
  • Nature’s Crazed
  • Fresh Cosmetics
  • Stone Cosmetics
  • Hidden Tranquility
  • Rare Moments
  • Rainfall Cosmetics
  • Earth Meets Beauty
  • Serene Cosmetics
  • Complete Purity
  • Redefining Beauty
  • Good Planet Cosmetics

Incorporate Your Name into The Cosmetics Company Name IDEAS List

Cosmetic business names can be named after oneself and is probably the most widespread method in use. Not many people can resist the option of creating a personal legacy akin to those of major brands like Ingram’s, Unilever(formerly Lever Brothers), and Johnson and Johnson.

You can use your name, surname, or both or even opt for initials instead. If you already possess a good reputation in the cosmetics industry, then your brand will automatically inherit this reputation when you give it your name. Another advantage of naming your cosmetics line after yourself is the low-cost association.

Doctors and pharmacists are particularly prone to use this method as they try to leverage their reputations in dermatology to give their companies a headstart in this highly competitive industry (like the pioneers of the Johnson brand).

Celebrities are also likely to take advantage of their fame and start cosmetic lines that carry their names. For instance, Kylie Jenner and Rihanna are celebrities who used their fame to market their cosmetic lines.

However, the biggest disadvantage of using your name for your cosmetics company is that you become an ambassador for your business. Your reputation becomes tied to its success. And any personal scandal can prove detrimental to your cosmetic line.

Take Inspiration From Fiction

Everyone loves fiction. It helps us process our issues without actually experiencing them in the real world. In other words, it provides us with an outlet for our feelings while maintaining the illusion of distance.

Choosing fictional characters, especially mythology-inspired ones for cosmetics brands or products has always been very common. Greek Mythology features constantly more than any other form with gods and goddesses like Venus, the great musician Orpheus and Athena featuring prominently.

These characters possess strengths and capabilities that we crave in our lives, like great beauty, super-intellect, and virility. Oftentimes using products bearing their names makes us feel like we are on the same pedestal with them.

The cosmetic brand Dove used this method as well when naming their cosmetic product. Dove is named for Aphrodite, the goddess of sexual love and beauty (the dove was her symbol).

Cosmetic Shop Name IDeas

Here are some made-up cosmetic line name ideas for your cosmetics company that are derived from fiction:

  • A Sensual Vibe
  • Original Beauty
  • Skin is Captivating
  • Beauty is Style Cosmetics
  • Beauty Faced Cosmetics
  • Detoxed Pores
  • Purifiant Botanicals
  • The Vitamin Boost
  • Hand Harvested Beauty
  • Cold Pressed Facials
  • Sheer Hydration
  • Facial Contour
  • Beauty Extracts
  • A Chirping Beauty

Be Descriptive When Creating Store Name Ideas

Sometimes it’s wise to give your cosmetics products names that give your customer base some idea of their properties straight away. While this trend was considered a bit lazy in the past, in recent years, because of the rise of internet marketing, it has caught on.

Most customers are likely to type the problem they are looking to solve than the name of a particular brand or product on internet search engines. For example, a high school student with acne is most likely to google “How to get rid of acne?’’ than say, Johnson and Johnson.

Because who really has time to go through the companies endless catalog to find the product that might work for them.

Besides, being descriptive can also prove beneficial to your online marketing efforts. This is partly because SEO (search engine optimization) uses keywords and descriptive titles to help users find relevant information online.

Many advantages come with using this method for creating business name ideas for cosmetics. For one, just like using your name for your cosmetics company, it’s inexpensive. You don’t have to waste money on brand research or advertising.

This is especially true if you are good at SEO. Or if you have a good social media presence where you can post your cosmetic products and let them convey their message for themselves.

Cosmetical brand name ideas devised this way become too long and hard to memorize and pass-through word of mouth. One way of countering this is to use short but intriguing descriptive taglines below your catchy brand name instead.

Catchy Makeup Name Ideas

  • No More Dullness
  • Nada GMO
  • Give Back Antioxidants
  • Green Tea Pore Refining
  • Stunner’s Cosmetics
  • Stunning Glamour
  • Makeup Luxe Hub
  • The Real Highlight
  • Guru Contour
  • Blending Your Fave
  • Full Beauty Queen
  • Shadows on Contour
  • Golden Glow
  • Touchless Cutie
  • Renewed Transitions
  • Vogue Fusions
  • Ravishing in the Daylight

Use made-up names

This one is another common method in use to create cosmetic brand names in the cosmetics industry. Not only are made-up names exciting to come up with, but they can also be distinctive, catchy, and memorable to your customer base.

The uniqueness of made-up names brings so many advantages too. For one, it’s easier to trademark your cosmetics brand name. Made-up names are usually not generic, so you don’t have to worry about the trademark committee delaying the process of certification.

Because it’s highly unlikely other people might be using your proposed cosmetic company name. This also makes finding a domain name that is the same as your brand name easier to do.

However, the main disadvantage of using this method of naming your cosmetics company is that you must do thorough brand research before settling on a name that can be an expensive and somewhat tedious process.

Final Thoughts On Creating Catchy Cosmetic Brand Name IDeas

Are you planning on starting a cosmetics company? How do you plan to choose a cosmetic brand name for your company?  What line of products do you plan to produce, and what naming method do you plan on using for them?

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