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How to Make 500 A Day-50 Clever Ways to Start Making Easy Money

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The Easiest and Simplest Ways To Make $500 in one day

The old saying it takes money to make money can feel so true sometimes. If you need to make some quick cash, it’s hard to know where to look.

But, with 24 Ways to Make Money Fast By Dollar Sprout, we’ve got you covered. We’ve discovered some of the best ways to make money quickly and compiled several different ways you can learn how to make 500 a day!

Here are a dozen different ways to make $500 in one day, some of which may take a combination of activities to reach the $500 dollar benchmark fast.

Sell Items on eBay to earn 500 a day

eBay is like an online garage sale that allows you to sell any items online. It’s a bit different from other online marketplaces, though, because, on eBay, buyers bid for items until the clock runs out.

So, although you may post an item for one price, it could sell for a lot more depending on demand for it. It’s straightforward to set up an account with eBay and post things for sale.

But, if you want to make a profit after taking your time to post and prepare to ship, you’ll want to sell things that are in high demand. For instance, clothing, Legos, books, toys, car parts, and collectibles tend to do well on eBay.

If you have the right stuff, items can easily sell for over $100 on eBay. You may even already own items that you can sell online. If not, you can check out your local thrift store for items that may sell well. Make sure to research the exact item on eBay to see what it’s selling for before purchasing it.

Selling the right items on eBay is a good way to not only make money online but a fantastic way to generate additional income per month. For a comprehensive list of things that sell well on eBay, be sure to check out this article by Cnet.

earn up to $500 per day online
How to Get $500 Dollars in a Day

Make $500 a Day Working for a Temp Agency.

A temp staff agency can hire workers for various projects at several different companies. You may be contracted out for one day, one week, or even one month. But you can let the temp agency know your availability and they will arrange a potential job for you.

Businesses are paying a lot to use a temp staff agency, and your earnings will come out of that payment. Typically, these jobs pay hourly. If you have a specialized skill, you can walk away with a lot of money each day because businesses will pay a high price for your work.

For certain jobs, you may need to have the skills to perform tasks. For instance, for a construction job, you will be expected to be familiar with construction and safety, or in a food worker’s job, you may be required to have a food handler’s license.

There are additional jobs that may be simpler, like event setup and staffing or customer support. Just make sure to tell your temp agency what skills you have. If you’re interested in this gig, check out these temp agencies that pay daily.

Donate Plasma

Okay, you might not be able to make $500 in one day just donating plasma, but if you donate blood and try a few other things on this list, it’s totally possible to make $500 in a day. And you can actually make up to $500 a month just by donating plasma.

Plasma donation is similar to blood donation, although plasma and blood are not the same and you can get paid to donate plasma. Any healthy adults can donate plasma at plasma centers.

Although each individual center may have its own restrictions on eligibility to donate, including height, weight, and age. Additionally, you can only donate plasma once every 48 hours to earn some quick cash/.

Unfortunately, if you have hepatitis or HIV, any chronic illness or other illness, you cannot donate plasma to earn extra money.

Initial plasma donations will take 30 minutes to an hour and pays anywhere from $20 to $60 for every donation. However, there is also a bonus payment for your first visit, so you could earn up to $100 on your first plasma donation.

Use Apps to Get Free Gift Cards and Earn Money Fast

Money-making apps can give you gift cards or cash to do simple tasks like taking surveys, scanning receipts, watching videos, or just using your phone like normal. Most of them also have referral programs so that if you refer a friend and sign up, you both earn extra cash.

Some of these apps are set up as points and you will need to convert the points to gift cards, but you can still earn a lot of money quickly with them.

Here are some of my favorite money making apps:

  • Bing Rewards. Run by Microsoft, Bing Rewards just requires you to use the internet through the Bing search engine. You earn points for browsing online and can redeem them for gift cards, donations, and more.
  • Checkpoints. Checkpoints is a free and easy way to make money by using your phone to shop online. You will just need to scan barcodes at popular stores like Target, Amazon, and Walmart to earn points. You can then cash out points for gift cards, gas cards, and even shopping sprees!
  • Google opinion rewards. Google is a trusted source, and you can rest assured they will actually payout for participating in their surveys. Sign up to fill out short surveys for Google Play or PayPal credit.
  • Ibotta. You may have heard of Ibotta before- it’s the cashback app that gives you cash for specific products at most stores and even includes cashback for movie theatres, pet stores, and pharmacies. Exchange your cashback for gift cards at most major retailers.
  • Swagbucks. Swagbucks is one of the most trusted sites for earning gift cards. And also, my favorite way to earn money fast and gift cards in my spare time. Use this link to earn $10 just for signing up!

Also be sure to check out the Best 15 Apps to Get Paid for Taking Pictures of Yourself Online!

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Fundraise with Online Fundraising Platforms To Make $500 a Day

If you want to raise money online, you may be able to fundraise money for your cause. But asking for money online is not for everyone. Typically, these are most successful when they come from people facing financial difficultly like the loss of a loved one, job loss, needing to cover medical bills or raising money for school.

It’s similar to standing on the side of the road with a cardboard sign, asking for money, except you aren’t on the side of the road but safe from the comfort of your home.

However, if your cause is worthy and convincing enough, you can get others to donate to you online. It will still take a bit of work to know what to say and explain why you need the money, but once you nail down your pitch you can wait for the money to come in.

To be successful, make sure to put a face to your campaign because people relate better to other people. Additionally, always be kind and respectful and show appreciation for every donor.

Want to try it? Then check out some of the best online fundraising platforms.

Sell on Etsy To Make $500 a Day

Etsy is a booming online marketplace where individual sellers can post their offers and designs online. Curious shoppers can find unique and tailored crafts and gifts.

Etsy’s top sellers make over $.5 million in sales each year! And the great thing about Etsy is that you can post your items for sale and sit back as shoppers buy them. Top selling items on Etsy include handmade crafts and jewelry, planners, clothing, and art.

For those who elect to sell digital downloads on Etsy, you only have to create your work once and upload it to the site. Each customer will get a download of your product, and you won’t have to lift a finger. Or worry about physical product inventory.

Learn about the Top Selling Items on Etsy To Make Some Serious Cash, and How to Get Started Selling On Etsy.

Become a Tutor / Online Teacher/ Online Course Instructor

Do you know a subject like the back of your hand? You can easily earn up to $500 a day by teaching online classes or tutoring online. Even if you don’t have a certain subject, you excel at it. If you’re reading this in English and speak English, you can teach English.

You may not even need a degree to teach English online. Check out these online platforms where you can teach English without a degree.

But you could also try teaching or tutoring in a skill you have, like playing the piano, cooking, skateboarding, or whatever hobbies you excel at.

Use social media for advertising your services and finding students. You could either build your own teaching platform or use existing online classroom platforms like Google Classroom or Kajabi, or Skillshare to post your videos.

Teaching online will also offer you a flexible lifestyle without a commute and potentially without set hours. Plus, if you record your videos in advance, you don’t even have to be there while your students learn!

Just let them press play and be available to answer questions, but for the most part students can self-pace through your online course. 

earn $500 a day
earn $500 per day

Become a Virtual Assistant and Earn $500 a Day

As a virtual assistant, you don’t need a ton of specialized skills other than organization and communication. You don’t necessarily need a degree or certification to become a virtual assistant, and you can work from anywhere in the world.

The excellent thing about being a virtual assistant is its flexible work. That you can do it whenever and wherever you want to, as long as you get your work done by the deadlines.

Virtual assistant tasks vary a lot, and you could do anything from marketing to accounting to secretarial work. Typically, to make the most money, you will want to specialize in a specific area of your interest.

You can charge whatever rates you think are fair for your services. The average prices for a virtual assistant range from $15 to $60 an hour, depending on the type of work you will be doing. If you do end up working $60 an hour, that’s just over 8 hours of work to get you to make $500 in one day.

Most virtual assistants signup on sites such as Fiverr to obtain clients. For more information on how to become a virtual assistant you can read this guide.

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Sell Your Photos

If you take photos while traveling or just for fun, then you may be able to sell your photos for cash. Nowadays, anyone with a smartphone can take high quality photos and with a few apps, you can sell your photos for cash.

You may want to look up a few YouTube videos on photography first, but if you already have some basic photography knowledge go ahead and get started. You can get paid for every download of your photo from the app as buyers purchase the rights to use your photo.

So, you may not earn money for every photo. Only the best photos that are in-demand will be downloaded. But, if you create great, quality photography that brands will actually use, you can easily make thousands of dollars each month by selling your photos on apps and websites.

Check out these best smartphone apps for selling photos to get started.

Get Paid to Lose Weight

We all want to stay healthy and get in shape, but did you know you could get paid to do it? That extra motivation may be just what you need to meet your weight loss goals.

Healthy Wage allows you to win cash prizes for your weight loss. You will have to bet on your weight loss by deciding how much you will lose and how long it will take. So, if you don’t lose weight, you could end up losing money. But, if this is just the motivation you need, you could end up winning up to $10,000.

Although losing weight takes more than one day, it only takes a day to sign up and decide to get started. If you are planning to lose weight anyways, then use Healthy Wage to get paid to lose weight and increase your motivation.

There are other apps such as Noom that can help you lose weight. Although you don’t get paid for dropping weight, you can earn $20 for each person who signups using your link.

Find out how to get started in our smart money tip on how to get paid to lose weight.

Freelance Work Can Help You To Make $500 A Day

Freelancing is a great way to earn cash quickly, and you can do it full time or as a side hustle. Freelancing is when you sell your services for a set price to clients.

You can freelance from anywhere in the world and can offer a variety of different services that people are willing to buy. One of the more popular gigs is freelance writing.

Good writers are always in demand and needed for a variety of projects from writing social media posts to writing long-form content like eBooks and blogs.

To get started with freelancing, think about skills or hobbies that you already have and other people may be willing to pay for. You can sign up to freelance sites like Fiverr or Upwork, or TextBroker and easily find clients willing to pay for your services.

With freelancing, you can set your schedule and what you will offer to clients. You can also set the price, and you have the flexibility to work from wherever you are in the world – even if you are traveling.

You can easily earn $500 in one day. If you have a service that you can charge $100 for, you would only need 5 orders to make $500 a day.

Become a Hair Stylist or Barber

As a society we place a lot of importance on her personal appearance. Making Hairstylist and Barbers a high demand occupation.

The great thing about being a hairstylist or barber is the ability to set your own hours. Depending upon your location, most hairstylists charge at least $65.00 or more for services.

If you can book at least ten clients a day, you would have exceeded your goal of making $500 a day. Check out this guide to find out the requirements for becoming a licensed stylist.

Clean Houses

Who doesn’t love a clean house right? There are many of families and businesses looking for housekeeping or cleaning services.

There are sites such as and Thumbtack, that allows business owners, to promote their services. The average hoursly rate for house

cleaning services is between $25-50 per hour. According to HomeAdvisor house cleaning cost calculator places such as Houston, TX charge as much as

$115.00 for services. Cleaning houses is a fantastic way to earn $500 a day fast.

Become a Notary

Notaries can earn up to $200 an hour and almost anyone can sign up to become a public notary. A notary is an impartial witness to signing legal documents including marriage licenses, wills, deeds and loans.

There is definitely demand for it because many documents require a notary. In the U.S., notaries oversee over a billion documents each year. Qualifications vary by state. However, you may need a background check and insurance to cover any damages or errors and pay a fee to apply in your state.

The best part is that being a notary is flexible to your schedule, and you can even run it as a part-time side hustle.

New York notaries can make the most in the country, while in Florida you may not make very much.

Learn how to become a public notary here.

Open an Online Boutique And Earn $500 a Day

Boutiques have become increasingly popular, due to most people doing most of their shopping online.

An online boutique can come with much excitement and a bright idea for those looking to make extra money. The first step to starting an online boutique is to secure a domain and create a business name.

According to zip recruiters, the monthly salary of boutique owners is 6,013 dollars per month. For a step-by-step guide on starting an online boutique, click here.

For additional ways to earn $500 dollars a day, click here for more money making ideas.

Start Making $500 a Day

Any of these activities can help you to make $500 in a day. You may need to combine a few of the smaller jobs or just go for the bigger jobs to make your cash, but it’s totally possible to earn $500 in one day.

Regardless of what you choose, good luck! How would you make $500 in a day? In what ways have you tried to earn money in one day? Let us know in the comments!

how to earn 500 per day
How to Make 500 dollars a day

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