How to Make a Pin Viral

6 Steps to Go Viral in Pinterest

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Okay, I’ve got a question for you…Have you heard about all these people driving massive sales and traffic from viral pins on Pinterest? And let me guess, no matter how much you try, you’re just not seeing these results. Well, there is hope! Today we’re unlocking the secrets behind how to get your pins seen on Pinterest and how to go viral on Pinterest!

How to go Viral on Pinterest

What is a Viral Pin anyway? These pins generate enormous engagement from Pinterest users through repeated impressions, saves, and clicks.

To find out the secrets behind viral pins on Pinterest, I’ve brought in one of the World’s Leading Pinterest Users – Claire from

Copy of Claire HeartMade Pinterest account

Claire’s been blogging for some 9 years now and has over 1 million followers and 8.5 million monthly unique viewers on her Pinterest Profile. Armed with Claire’s expertise, we’re breaking down the formula for getting your pins seen on Pinterest for you right now!

Pinterest – Social Media or Search Engine?

Over 250 million active users on Pinterest each month, with over 175 million existing pins spread across some 3 million boards. And why’s this important? Well, this shows if you want to stand out amongst 175 million pins, you’ll need a robust and unique formula.

To understand how to go viral on Pinterest, you first need to understand how Pinterest works. It’s very different from other social media because it’s a visual-based search engine and not a form of social media. In fact, Pinterest has a visual search engine tool that plays a huge part in pin distribution.

Along with this, operating a thriving Pinterest Profile uses pins, boards, and a profile rich in keywords and SEO optimized content. Pinterest’s major attraction offers endless potential for generating leads and sales, which can really build your business or blog.

But the obvious question remains – what must you do to create the pins that get the clicks, saves, and impressions you need?

How Do I Get My Pins Noticed on Pinterest?

1. Perfect Sized Pins:

The first step in creating Viral Pins, is to get the size and layout of your design right.

Pinterest sets out ground rules for the size of all their pins.
Here are the current recommendations for optimum pin sizes:

what a perfect size pin for pinterest look like

Ok, so now you’ve got the perfect dimensions let’s look at the viral pin formula to get more views on Pinterest. Let’s look at how to style pins for optimum recognition.

And yes, styling does make a huge difference! Studies have shown the following features all impact how much engagement you receive on your pins:

  • Lighter images get 20x more repins than dark images
  • Reddish, orange, and yellow images get 2x more repins than blue colors
  • Using High-quality images helps grab people’s attention
  • Font – avoid script fonts as they’re difficult to read when scrolling. Try using bold fonts that help to capture people’s attention.

For designing Pinterest pins, I use images from sites such as IvoryMix; she does offer a free membership that allows you to have access to free stocked images. Another excellent resource for creating viral pins is Creative Market. This site has tons of branding resources and creative elements such as fonts, clipart, and more. Plus, they give you free resources monthly!

You can also design your viral pins on sites such as Canva. Tailwind also allows users to create pins. We will discuss Tailwind more momentarily. Tailwind will also be critical to getting more views on Pinterest.

Resources to help you get noticed on Pinterest

2. Spectacular Images to Drive Your Pin Viral

Given that Pinterest is a visual search engine, the images you use largely influence the level of traffic, leads, and sales you receive. Viral pins go nuts on Pinterest because people are attracted by high colors, color contrasts, and fonts. 

So to maximize engagement, look for high-quality images that support your niche and your pin’s message. If you are looking for free images for your pins, you can find plenty of them on these sites:

  • IvoryMix
  • DepositPhotos
  • Unsplash
  • Pixabay

Finding the perfect image can be challenging, so here’s a great example of the quality you need to go Viral with your Pins: Having only 631 followers when releasing this pin, Sayan from Pro Smartrepreneur shows you don’t need a huge following to go viral!!!

And note the simple design on his pin…

what a traffic generating pin looks like

 To further help you in selecting the best images here’s a few more bonus tips:

Use contrasting colors in your image and text to help your title really stand out. (Additionally, nearly 80% of Pinterest users currently are women, so factor this in when choosing your images)

Add your logo or website URL onto every pin to explode your branding strategy. Remember, a high percentage of Pinterest users are on mobile devices, so optimize all your images

Picture of Claire Profile for great viral Pinterest images

 Claire’s Tips for Viral Pin Images
Eye catching images are essential. They can also be graphic and don’t need to be photographs, as long as they are eye catching then you will be fine.

When searching for stock, I actually squint at the images as I scroll, and choose the one that catches my eye.

3. Offer Click Worthy Titles Rich in Keywords

With your image settled, it’s time to create a title that magnetically draws attention and clicks. So what’s the key here? Why do some pins get clicked whilst others are bypassed or just saved?

After discussions with many Pinterest experts, I’ve found it comes down to creating pins in these 4 areas:

  • Offering a Solution for a Problem
  • Teaching your visitors something new
  • Displaying something your visitors want to have
  • Stirring an emotion

With your Pin’s purpose now clear, start your title by writing out some keywords and then surrounding it with powerful words. When you apply it to your Pin, use a large, clear font that is easy to read.

If you’re struggling for Power Words, Jon Morrow, from Smartblogger recently released an insane list of over “600 Power Words to Pack Your Writing with Emotion.”

How to use power words for your viral pinterest pin
Picture of Claire Profile for great Pinterest images

  Claire’s Tips for Viral Headlines
Writing kick ass headlines that intrigue is essential.

Buffer has an excellent resource of the types of words that are most persuasive in the English language. I use it regularly with the schedule headline analyzer.

4. Finding Keywords for Your Titles and Descriptions

Now you’re into the nuts and bolts of your viral pin, writing a description rich in keywords. I always get asked about this, where do I find the best keywords to use? Thankfully, Pinterest makes the job of finding keywords extremely simple. All you need to do is enter a couple of words from your title into the search bar, like so:

an example of pinterest tool bar

As you can see, Pinterest offers a range of keywords directly underneath your search.

Should you need other ideas for keywords, take a look at my post “5 Best Ways to Find Long-Tail Keywords.” As you write your Pin description, bear in mind that few people actually read them. A Pin description is to assist Pinterest in understanding the content of your pin.

To help you write optimized descriptions, here’s a handy template of what to include:

  •  What is your post/product all about?
  • Who is it for? (Moms, couples, children, travelers)
  • What’s the problem this post/product solves?
  • Is there an opt-in offer or freebie?

Following this format gives you ample opportunity to share details about your content rich with keywords.

 Claire’s Tips for Using Keywords
Keywords are king. They have and always will be king.
When Pinterest started back in 2010, they launched almost immediately after I penned a post about why artists need to write descriptions and use proper keywords in their Flickr images. 

Using Long-Tail keywords, especially for newer users, is a sure-fire way to boost search success.

5. The Secret to using Hashtags in Pinterest

Thankfully, now in 2019, hashtags are acceptable again in Pinterest. (A couple of years ago they were a big no-no!)


My first tip regarding hashtags is to use them wisely.
Placing your hashtags after the description bolsters your Pin SEO, so they’re a super idea – just be wary not to use any more than 5-6 of them. (*If you do, you run the risk of triggering the Pinterest spam filter, which can suspend your account, and it can be difficult getting it reinstated)(*If you do, you run the risk of triggering the Pinterest spam filter, which can suspend your account, and it can be difficult getting it reinstated)

As soon as you type the hashtag symbol #, then begin writing your tag, Pinterest autosuggests words along with showing the popularity of the tags.

This is a fantastic way of finding the best hashtags to use on your pins:

 how to find hashtags to use on pinterest for viral pins


When selecting your hashtags, it’s important to understand a couple of points: Hashtags should be used to group similar content material together as it boosts your search success in Pinterest. The tags you choose are really to help Pinterest understand what your pin is about

As you decide upon your tags, look for ways of introducing different terminology to broaden your exposure to a wider audience. (e.g. If I was planning to use #Pinterestmarketing for this post, I could also use #bloggingtips, #socialmediamarketing and #onlinebusiness)

6. The Ultimate Posting Plan to Go Viral On Pinterest

You’ve reached the point now where you’ve created a stunning pin, so where should you pin it to get more views on Pinterest? Group boards used to be the easy answer. Nowadays, they’re still helpful, but only if the content is niche specific and well optimized.

Unfortunately, many of the boards nowadays have thousands of pins, and the content isn’t always specific to the niche, or the links are broken.

So what’s the solution?

Well, you need to find groups of people who are committed to sharing their own and others’ content on Pinterest.

The best place for that right now is in Tailwind Tribes! Some Tribes Admins will ask you a few questions before they allow you to join. Here is an invite to the Blogging Boss Chic Tribe

For those who may not know, Tailwind Tribes are groups of Pinterest users who help each other grow their reach and traffic. The best news of all is Tailwind Tribes can be used for FREE! (Though you are restricted to 5 Tribes on a free plan)

To make sure you’re getting maximum benefit from your tribes, you need to regularly pin and share content. But with the way it’s set up, why wouldn’t you? The more you share other people’s pins, the more of yours will be pinned, so it’s a great way to boost your chances of going viral.

If you find a tribe that’s not delivering the shares and engagement you need, feel free to leave and join another. There are thousands of groups out there!

Summary on How to Go viral on Pinterest

There it is! Now you have the formula to create your own viral pins. As an extra bonus, I’m sharing some of the Pinterest Strategy that drives my traffic. I never ever pin one of my pins just once. When I get it out there, I pin regularly, in different places and at different times.

I always create 4 or 5 pins for every blog post with different images, but I try to maintain a consistency in appearance to build my brand. Make time to invest in Tailwind Tribes. Ashley has a post, “How to Use Tailwind Tribes to Explode Your Blog Traffic” Check it out, It’s the key to success! You’ve just covered all the steps, from selecting the right pin size to finding your images and optimizing your titles, description, and hashtags.

It’s a recipe that gives rise to astonishing results when you accompany it with a consistent pinning strategy. So Good Luck with it & Happy Pinning!

Do you have any special tips that you use to create viral pins and drive fantastic results from Pinterest? – We’d love to hear about them.
(Why not share them in the comments below)

Cheers for Now,


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