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Want More Exposure? The Best Free Places to Promote Your Blog

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Do you want to promote your blog to increase traffic?

Keep reading, because I’m going to dive into how to promote your blog for free, to attract more readers to your blog.

There are millions of blog sites on the internet nowadays. This increases the competition for readers. As well as making blogging a very profitable industry.

How to promote your blog on social media

Social media sites are the best place to start promoting your new blog. Why? Because social media sites have millions of users all interested in various topics. So regardless of your blogging niche, you are bound to attract the attention of someone.

However there are a few things to keep in mind when promoting your blog on social media.

First you have to have a strategy for promoting your blog. Just posting your blog to your timeline on Facebook might not be a great idea.

True, you might get a few readers, but will they be engaged, or return visitors.

How to Properly Promote Your Blog on Facebook

To properly promote your blog on facebook you will want to create a facebook page for your blog. This will help to build your brand awareness as your blog develops.

Once you have created a Facebook page for your blog, you will then want to join groups whose interests are related to those of your blog.

When I first started blogging, I joined as many Facebook groups for bloggers as I possibly could. This allowed me to grow my blog, as well as network with other bloggers. Since that time, I have gone on to start my own private Facebook group for bloggers.

Facebook groups are the best way to promote your website on Facebook for free.

You can join my Facebook group for bloggers here. As well as view my list of the top blogging groups on Facebook.

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Yes, you can use Instagram to drive traffic to your blog. Are you wondering how you can share a blog post on Instagram? It’s easy. I use Tailwind bio to drive traffic directly from Instagram to my blog. This allows me to be able to attach my blog post URL to the content I shared on Instagram. Confused? Check it out here.


I know a lot of bloggers, including myself, rely heavily on Pinterest as a blog promotion tool. However, because Pinterest is going to be a public trading company soon.

And the possibility of the company reducing your reach in efforts to increase their advertising revenue. I think it’s time for us bloggers to be proactive and find other channels for free blog promotion.

If you have not yet mastered Pinterest, you can enroll in this free Pinterest course. It has helped me out tremendously. My pins are now ranking on the first page of Pinterest!

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It is a social content curation site. The site allows users to collect articles, as well as post content about their specific interests. The great thing about Mix is you can post the link to your blog post. Making this an excellent site to use to drive traffic back to your blog.


Bloglovin is very unique. The site encourages you to follow and discover new blogs. This is a great way to meet other bloggers and potentially collaborate on a project.

Remember making the right connections will help to further your blogging career.

Bloglovin does allow you to post your blog’s URL into their platform. When someone reads your content, they will actually be redirected to your site. Cool right! Because you can gain more traffic and more email subscribers!

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Medium describes themselves as a place to read and write blog posts. Use Medium’s curation tool to add your blog post to their site. Although Medium does not take readers directly to your site, you do have the option to add your website link to your Medium profile.


It is a popular microblogging site. Tumblr is described as a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It’s where your interests connect you with your people.

Users can post original content to Tumbler. The site also allows bloggers to place the link to their blogs within their profiles. Thus creating another site that can be used effectively to promote your blog post.


Many bloggers often overlook promoting their blogs using LinkedIn. This is because the site has the reputation of being just for job seekers.

It is a little harder to share your content on LinkedIn, but once again, you can include your blog URL in your profile. Thus making it an excellent option for networking.


It is a place that you can promote your blog for free. I’m not a big twitter user, but there are twitter features for businesses that you can use to blog on twitter. For more information on how to create a live blog using twitter, click here.

Final Thoughts

Promoting your blog strategically will be crucial to your blogging success as a new blogger. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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