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The Best Sites For Free Guest Posting

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What is guest posting? Also known as guest blogging, guest posting refers to writing content for other high-authority websites in your industry. When considering guest posting, always look for the best sites for guest writers.

Bloggers do guest posting for:

  • Improving the authority of their domain through external linking to other high-authority websites
  • Attracting traffic
  • Building brand awareness & credibility
  • Building relationships & reputation

Guest posting is highly pivotal to your online success. It offers benefits to both sides.

Why is it important?

Guest posting offers a wide array of benefits to bloggers as well as businesses. Through guest posting, bloggers can build their reputation of being an authority figure in the industry. Guest writing is a sort of collaboration, and when you frequently write on high-authority blogs that accept guest posting, you build relationships with other experts.

Apart from being important from an authority point-of-view, it’s crucial to your success on search engines. Through guest posting, your site builds a strong profile of external links to other high-authority sites, and search engines perceive your site as “relevant.”

Guest Posting impact your SEO

Writing for high-authority blogs that accept guest posting certainly improves your search engine ranking. As long as your content is relevant to the website, industry, and search engine’s guidelines, guest posting is a great tool to build your domain authority that moves your site up in the ranking.

When working on an SEO boosting guest posting strategy, ensure that your content is of high-quality and valuable to the target audience. Using guest posting as a mere link generating tool can’t help much because the reader value content that educates them.

Guest Blogging

Through you can use guest posting for improving SEO, it won’t help you get new traffic & build authority without having insightful & meaningful content.

Are you willing to start guest blogging but not sure about where to look for sites for guest postings? Don’t worry; we have you covered. We have listed a few high-quality blogs that accept guest posting.

Top sites for guest posting

Two things worth learning are:

  • Bloggers can’t get constant organic traffic just by writing on their blog
  • Not all blogs that accept guest posting are equal

Let’s look into sites for guest postings.

●      OutBrain

It’s one of the best sites for guest postings. OutBrain has a global ranking of 128. Suppose you can get your content published on Outbrain. It will help build your domain authority and attract traffic to your site.

To publish your content on OutBrain, you need to create your content around the Business & Content Marketing niche. Make sure to read the guest post guidelines of OutBrain to ensure that it doesn’t reject your content.

● The Huffington Post

Undoubtedly, The Huffington Post is a leading name in various industries, including News, Entertainment, Wellness, Technology, and Trending topics. If your blog is around any of these industries, then The Huffington Post is the right platform for you to guest post.

Its global ranking is 152. One of the great features of The Huffington Post is that it accept republished content as well.

Before writing a guest post for The Huffington Post, read the guest post guidelines to improve your post’s chances of being accepted.

Elite daily

Features content relating to love, health, dating, and current events. For those who become a contributor, you will be required to submit a post weekly. Here are the guidelines for posting on Elite Daily.

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● Dash

If you’re looking to become a long-term contributor on one of the best sites for guest posting, then Dash is the right choice. It lets you write on a wide variety of topics. You can write about anything you want. Besides, it also allows you to post videos.

Thousands of expert writers regularly publish their content on Dash. It only accepts long-term contributors. If you’re looking to write one-off guests only, then you won’t find anything through Dash.

The Penny Hoarder

Many well-known bloggers have written guest posts for The Penny Hoarder. The site is for those seeking money tips and personal finance management.

● HubSpot

HubSpot lets you generate leads for your business. It should be one of the top considerations when starting guest blogging. Its global ranking is 519. HubSpot work as a great marketing tool for bloggers & business owners.

The core themes of HubSpot are Email, Marketing, SEO, Web Design, and Business. If your business deal with any of these industries, then HubSpot is a great choice.

The Write Life

This is the ultimate site for networking and improving your writing skills. The Write Life focuses on showing people how to generate income using their blogs.

● Mashable

With a global ranking of 521 and Technology, Digital Culture, and Entertainment being its core themes, Mashable is one of the best sites for guest postings. It has a huge visitor base of 45 million. Mashable is a platform everyone goes to read or write about digital innovation & breaking news.

Mashable accepts republished content as well.

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● Investopedia

Are you looking to write about financial education? Investopedia is the leading website that provides financial education. Experts from across the globe write about Investing in markets, business, and everything else that is Finance-related.

Its global ranking is 803, but everyone goes to Investopedia for learning about business & finance. You can write guest posts for Investopedia to drive traffic to your blog and build your authority as an informative figure.

guest posting for bloggers

● Entrepreneur

It’s another leading resource for Business, Finance, Social media, and Leadership. However, it’s mainly centered on educating the world about aspects of these industries in Entrepreneurship. It doesn’t accept republished content.

All Blogging Tips

Do you blog about blogging, money, or business? If so, All Blogging Tips is the perfect place to submit your blog post. They do not accept republished content; however, you can check their guidelines for guest posts.

● Lifehack

As the name suggests, this excellent website lets you publish content focused on improving the daily aspects of life. From doing your daily life activities efficiently to building a positive influence, you can write & post anything as long as it’s up to the guidelines.

Its global ranking is 2,118 with Lifestyle & Productivity as its core theme. You can’t post & submit republished content on Lifehack.

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● Business Insider

Business Insider lets you write guest posts for their website. You can write content around Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. Business Insider is a reliable source where experts from different industries come to seek help.

If you want to write for Business Insider, your content must meet the guidelines, and the quality should be of the highest level.

● Copyblogger

Copyblogger is a leading platform for aspiring content writers, content marketers, and copywriters. It provides excellent pieces of insightful information to its audience.

If you want to build your reputation and improve your domain authority, write great pieces of content for Copyblogger frequently.

Dumb Little Man

This site covers a wide range of topics including life hacks, success, money, and health. As with most sites republished content is not allowed. In order to start the submission process read through the guide for articles submission.


It offers practical advice, tools, and information to small businesses. From insightful interviews to excellent quality content relevant to different industries, provides high-quality stuff. Interviews of top-level experts are consistently published on this platform.

It’s one of the best sites for guest postings with simple guidelines.

● TechCrunch

It’s a trendy name in the tech industry. Most of its content revolves around finance and investment in the tech industry. They announce their monthly themes and invite writers to write relevant content. You can pitch your ideas too.

TechCrunch has a great blog that accepts guest posting from both regular contributors and one-off story writers.

● Medium

Medium is a website dedicated to guest posting. Anyone can write for Medium with any topic they want. Usually, the content is around technology and science. It has over 120 million readers, which gives you a great chance to attract traffic and build authority.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of other websites out there that accept guest posting. However, the sites mentioned above are among the top ones.

Sites for guest posting.
The Best Sites for Guest Posting

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