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I may earn a commission or product from companies mentioned in this post.

If you’re looking for a way to monetize your blog, ideas on creating another stream of income, then affiliate marketing is something you definitely should consider. Many people ask me if affiliate marketing legal? The answer is YES!!

Since I started my first blog, The Rich Girl Blog, in 2018, I have become able to generate a decent income from affiliate marketing! I know some people are skeptics, but some top-earning affiliate marketers in the blogging industry.

What exactly is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or company’s products.

Did you know that affiliate marketing has become a popular tool that many companies and people use to bring awareness to their brand?

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Not to mention it is also a great way for companies (and people) to generate additional revenue. In fact, estimates that merchants see over 23% of total sales from their affiliate channels.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Companies offer marketers a commission based on a percentage of the sale, per each lead generated or per click. As a matter of fact, the pay structure is one deciding factor for most marketers to join a program. Therefore, before you sign up for an affiliate program, find out the pay structure and payment method.

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Some companies prefer to pay you via PayPal or direct deposit. But there are companies in which you can request to be paid via money order or paper check.

Each affiliate program generally has a dedicated support team or manager; you can reach out to if you have questions regarding your pay or the program.

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Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Work From Home

Are you tired of the daily commute to work? Are you a stay at home, mom? If so, affiliate marketing is a great way to generate income from the comfort of your home. In addition to working from home, you can also create your own work hours.

No Customer Support

When you become an affiliate marketer, you won’t have to worry about dealing with customers. In fact, you will leave the aspects of customer support and satisfaction to the seller.


There are not any fees associated with affiliate programs, not to mention you won’t have to worry about creating a product. In all honesty, affiliate marketing can actually be done at a relatively low cost.

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How Can You Start being an Affiliate Marketer?

The first step is to start a blog. Starting a blog costs less than 5.00 per month when you use my exclusive discount. Click here to grab your money-saving offer.

The process to set up your blog is outlined here in my step by step guide “How to Start a Lifestyle Blog”

Affiliate marketing for bloggers

Some great affiliate programs accept those who are just beginning in affiliate programs. However, I decided to list only the plans I have had success with since I started as an affiliate.

On a side note, never recommend an affiliate program in which you have not used. It hurts your credibility, I always think to myself if it isn’t something I would recommend to a close friend or family member, I don’t suggest it to my followers.

Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

SEMRush: One of my most profitable affiliate programs is SEMrush; when you sign up for SEMRush, you will receive 40 percent of every sale made via your link. They also pay you 40% recurring commission each month on those subscription sales.

WP Engine: If you are a tech person, you definitely want to sign up for the WP Engine affiliate program. WP Engine is a WordPress hosting Company that offers a variety of products. If someone makes a purchase through your link, you will receive 200 dollars per sale.

BlueHost Offers one of my highest earning affiliate commissions. Bluehost offers $65 to $120 per sale as a commission to its affiliates. With over a million website owners, Bluehost is a great way to double your income.

SiteGround: An excellent program with unlimited earning potential. Because the more people you refer, the higher the commission percentage. The base commission payout starts at 50.00 dollars per sale.

Wix: A cloud-based web development platform offers a lucrative affiliate program. In fact, Wix offers its affiliates $100 per sale.

Shopify affiliate program is one the most well know e-commerce platforms.

Weebly: specializes in online shopping sites. You can earn up to 30 percent per sale.

Email Building Affiliate Programs

Hello Bar: is a lead generation tool built by online marketers for online marketers. HelloBar pays its affiliates 30 percent recurring commissions for life!

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ConvertKit -Email Marketing company that makes email easy for bloggers and online creators. ConvertKit affiliate marketing program pays a 30% recurring commission for every completed sale.

Constant Contact: Pay you 5 per sale for every lead you send their way, as well as $105.00 for every completed signup.

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Branding and Website Design

Elegant Themes: One of my favorite WordPress theme companies, because you can earn up to 50% per sale, and not only do they offer affordable WordPress themes, they also offer plugins.

Restored316: Provides WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs. For each sale, you generate you will receive 20% in commission.

BluChic: A premium WordPress theme company will pay you a 25% commission for every sale generated via your affiliate link.

PicMonkey Helps creatives design compelling images. When you join PicMonkey, you will earn a 25 percent recurring commission.

Creative Market: This is a one-stop-shop for digitally created content. If you become an affiliate of Creative Market, you will earn 10 percent of every purchase made for an entire year from new customers you refer to.

Digital Product Affiliates

Smugmug: Is a site that stores your uploaded photos and videos. Affiliates with SmugMug receive 15% commissions.

SendOwl: Helps bloggers and online marketers sell their digital products. SendOwl pays a 20% recurring commission for each completed sale.

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

Survey companies typically pay their affiliates per lead. Depending upon the program, you can rake in some serious cash with these types of programs.

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The programs listed change their offers quite frequently, so I won’t list the commission payout. Instead, I recommend you click through and check out the commission rate for yourself.

Survey Junkie

Opinion World

Market Survey Research

Social Media Affiliate Marketing

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Tailwind: One of the more popular scheduling system, which helps to make it an easy sell. If you join the tailwind affiliate program, you can earn a 15% commission for every sale generated through your affiliate link.

FreshBooks: I use FreshBooks to send out invoices and manage my finances. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they, too, offered an affiliate program. FreshBooks pays 5 per lead and $55.00 per sale.

Stella & Dot: A very reputable company that has been in business for years. They offer women the opportunity to become an independent stylist. Affiliates can earn $100 for each consultant you refer, 12% commission from new customers as well as 5% commission from returning customers.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

There are hundreds of more affiliate programs that accept those who are just beginning in affiliate marketing. Here are my top 2 affiliate marketing networks.



Final Thoughts

Now that you have the ultimate guide of affiliate programs for 2019, which ones will you join?

Remember, don’t suggest anything you would not use yourself, or refer to a close friend.

50 Best Paying Affiliate Programs