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Travel Blog Names- How to Create The Best 100 Unique Travel Blog Name

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The Best Unique Travel Blog Names and Ways To Create Your Own

Ready to explore the best travel blog names on the web?

Keep reading, and I will not only provide you with the best and unique travel blog name ideas, but also we will explore how to make money with a travel blog!

Creating an awesome and unique name for your travel blog is just one piece of the puzzle to attracting readers.

A unique travel blog name ensures that you stand out from the rest of the travel blogs on the internet.

But how can you create an amazing and unique travel blog name? Keep reading, my friend, and not only will I tell you how to formulate the perfect travel blog name.

But I’ll also provide you with the best travel blog names that you can use.

What Makes a Good Travel Blog Name?

When choosing my newest blog, Mom Lifestyle Blog, I researched other blog names in my niche. (This is what I highly recommend you do as well.)

I didn’t want to choose a name for my blog name that was too similar to any other blogs in the mom niche.

As an experienced blogger, a good travel blog name, not only is creative but contains words that will help a reader distinguish what your blog is about.

Yes, I know, you are creating a travel blog, but will you travel to the Mideast? Do you like traveling and finding the best eats, or the best women’s fashions?

Finding your niche within the travel blog industry will help you craft the perfect blog name that is creative and reflective of your traveling passions.

blog name ideas for travel bloggers
travel blog name ideas

Catchy Travel Blog Name Ideas

Let’s dig into the best catchy travel blog names that you can use!

  • Over Traveled Family
  • The Always Lost Couple
  • Backpacking and Happy
  • The Overjoyed Backpacker
  • Frequent Flier Mileage
  • Flying Sky-high
  • A Never-Ending Journey
  • Bucket List Adventurer
  • A World Abroad
  • A Journey to Paradise
  • A Day in Time
  • Hidden Gems Abroad
  • Hiding in Plain Sight
  • Lost in Paradise
  • My Big Happy Adventure
  • The Happy Globe-Trotter
  • A Couple of Runaways
  • I Fly High
  • Sleepy Adventurer
  • Carry On Solo
  • The Free Willed Hobo
  • Baby Well-Traveled
  • A Tourist That Tries It
  • The Millenial of Adventures
  • Quote it and Book it
  • Seeing the World Up Close
  • Spectacular Sunsets
  • The World’s Best Views of Life

Road Trip Names

  • Taking Left Turns
  • Fill it up and Go
  • Riding ShotGun
  • A Map, A Latte and a Plan
  • One Guy and His Dog
  • Road Trip Makeover
  • Follow Me Now
  • Along the Way
  • The Road Untaken
  • One Way Road
  • Following the Intersection
  • A Four-Way Stop
  • Many Quick Trips
  • Positive Vibing Traveling
  • Music, Smiles, and Memories
  • Beatles on the Expressway
  • Cute Chics in a RV
  • Selfies at the rest stop
  • Navigating Passengers
  • From Beaches to Oceans
  • Lost in the Sun
  • The Compass of Life
  • The RoadTrip Playlist

Unique Travel Blog Names For Couples

There are many travel blogs ran by awesome couples! So we couldn’t create a list of travel blog name ideas without including unique travel blog names specifically for couples!

  • A Couple of Wanderers
  • The Mindless Travelers
  • Hikers and Bikers
  • Enjoying the Universe Together
  • Two Thoughtful Tourist
  • The Nomad and the Beauty
  • See you in Transit
  • Taking It Abroad
  • European Expeditioners
  • Backpacking it Afar
  • Driving The Land
  • Traveling a Coup
  • Ocean Views and Smooches
  • No Stones Unturned
  • Wandering Dudes
  • Two Gals and a Knapsacks
  • Transit Twins
  • Sleep and Go
  • Adventures to The Diary
  • Rambling Couple
  • Mainland Traveling
  • The Lost Americans

Great Travel Website Names

  • The Wild Surfer
  • Wandering Earl
  • Up and Out of Town
  • Unplugged and Remote
  • One Solo Girl
  • Educated and Wandering
  • Bougie, Broke and Backpacking
  • The RoadTrip Crashers
  • One Way Traveler
  • Bucket List Wanderer
  • Globe-Trotting Trooper
  • Navigating Through Life
  • Are We There Yet
  • The Courageous Hiker
  • Flying Confident in Coach
  • Drifting the World
  • The Tourist Afar
  • Adventurous (your name)
  • Intriguing Tourist
  • A Rolling Stone
  • The Great Outback
  • Traveling 365
  • Breaking From Life

Travel Usernames for Instagram

  • Happy Attitudes in High Longitudes
  • Dazzling in Travel
  • Pictured it Abroad
  • Family Trips and Good Eats
  • Crafty And High Miles
  • My BackPack and Carry On
  • SightSeeing and Loving It
  • Single Mom Weekender
  • Relaxing Outlet of Travel
  • My Best Friend and a Passport
  • Bucketlist PassPort
  • The Open Passport
  • The Healthy Obsession
  • Stamped Tickets
  • Theme Park Hunter
  • Serendipity Abroad and Afar
  • Livin’ La Vida Traveling
  • Exploring Your Town
  • Cruising the Pavement
  • Thrifty Trips and Dreams
  • Passages of Excitement
  • Adventures on the Trail
  • The Open Road Ahead
  • Never Home From Vacation
  • Floating For Fun
  • Seven Days of Adventure

travel blog names
travel blog name ideas for bloggers

Food and Travel Blog Name Idea

If you are a travel blogger whose niche will be finding the best restaurants and eats, these name ideas are for you!

  • Pancakes and Passports
  • It’s Hard to Digest
  • A Hungry Hobo
  • The Melting Pot of Trips
  • It Tripped Me Out
  • One Hungry Girl and a Briefcase
  • Snacks in a Knapsack
  • Ridiculously Fun and Good
  • Eating the World
  • Traveling the World One Bite at a Time
  • A Teaspoon of Traveling
  • Lunch Time Adventures
  • Exploring Every Corner Cafe
  • Brown Bagging and Cruising it
  • My BucketList Burger
  • Finding Food among Chaos
  • Savory Trips
  • Open Passports and Omelets

Have you seen any names you like or have a name idea for your travel blog? Check below to see if it’s available!

How to Create Unique Travel Blog Names

Now that we have explored various potential names for your new travel blog let’s create additional unique travel blog names.

A creative and strategic way to create a unique blog name is to break down each word you are thinking about using and find a synonym or noun for that particular word.

For example for the name “Travel This,” You can create the name “Journey Along.”

More Synonyms for The Word Travel

Driving, tour, excursion, movement, ride, sailing, sightseeing, tour, transit, trek, trip, expedition, passage, wandering, voyaging, globe-trotting, and cruising.

Let’s look at a few more commonly used words for travel blogs.

Nomadic, Traveler, BackPack, Abroad, Wanderlust, Adventurous, and Trip.

There are plenty more words that travel bloggers use in their blog names, but I found these are the most commonly used ones.

Synonyms for these words can be used to generate a variety of amazing blog names.

Synonyms for the word Nomad

Migrant, vagabond, pilgrim, wanderer, hobo, rambler, rover, itinerant, roamer, and wayfarer.

Words Related to the Word Traveler

Adventurer, commuter, hiker, passenger, pilgrim, tourist, barnstormer, floater, bum, drifter, excursionist, explorer, floater, gadabout, globetrotter, gypsy, haj, hobo, journeyer, navigator, peddler, rambler, roamer, seafarer, sightseer, tramp, trekker, tripper, trouper, truant, wanderer, vagabond, vagrant.

Words Related to the Word Backpack

Attaché, gear, briefcase, carry-on, carryall, case, duffel, gear, handbag, haversack, holdall, kit, knapsack, pack, packet, pocket, pocketbook, poke, pouch, purse, rucksack, sac, sack, saddlebag, satchel, suitcase, tote.

Words Related to the Word Abroad

Distant, absent, afar, apart, aside, beyond, elsewhere, distant, far afield, far away, far off, far remote, forth, from here, hence, not present, off, out of, out of the way, over, to one side.

Words Related to the word Adventurous

Adventuresome, enterprising, audacious bold, courageous, intrepid, risky, brave, dangerous, daredevil, undaunted, ungoverned, nervy, rash, resolute, risky, smart ass, aweless, bold, brassy, brave, cheeky, courageous, dauntless,, fearless, foolhardy, gutty, uncurbed, valiant, venturesome.

How to Start A Travel Blog

Ready to start your own travel blog? Having a travel blog is the dream gig in my opinion. Who doesn’t want to get paid to travel, and talk about your adventures!

If you’re still undecided on a name for your blog name, no worries! You can still go ahead and get started setting up your new blog.

There’s no better time than right now! You can get web hosting at a super affordable rate using Bluehost, plus you will get your domain name for free! (That’s the company that I use for all of my blogs. )

Here’s the simple steps to follow to get your travel blog setup!

1. Click “Get Started”

the best web hosting for setting up a travel blog

2. Select a hosting plan

I personally recommend the basic plan to get you set up. As your blog grows, you can always upgrade to a different plan if needed.

3. Enter Your Domain

In this box is where you will enter the name of your travel blog! From there, you will be able to set up your account and pay.

Easy peasy, right! Congratulations on your new travel blog!

Making Money With a Travel Blog

Now one of the most important aspects of running a travel blog is being able to make money.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways new bloggers can make money blogging! Here’s a list of the best affiliate programs that accept new bloggers.

In addition to affiliate marketing, there are other methods to monetizing your blog such as;

Final Thoughts on Unique Travel Blog Name Ideas

The process of starting a new travel blog exciting! Let me know below which unique travel blog name you chose for your blog! Make sure to check out this article on names you should avoid for your next blog about traveling.

name ideas for travel bloggers
unique travel blog name ideas