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The Rich Girl Lifestyle Blog is a place to help women and moms learn how to make money with the best side hustles, business ideas, and blogging. I provide help to bloggers and business owners who need assistance with catchy business name ideas, finding the most profitable side hustles, and learning the best blog topics and ideas to bring traffic to their site

I’m a serial entrepreneur who loves to find ways to make money, thinking of the best business name ideas for small businesses, and of course blogging!

In 2014, after my son’s death, I decided to leave my job to spend time with my other children and pursue being a photographer full time. Since then, I have launched several small businesses of my own. Including but not limited to a cleaning business, photography business, and my blogging business

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I love helping other moms and women find ways to make extra cash. Because as well all know, the cost of living is always increasing. I get being a mom who is struggling to make ends meet.

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For me, this was my case, I worked overtime to help pay the bills, but it still never seemed to be enough. Working the additional hours at work, I started to feel guilty for being away from my children. I decided to be proactive and change my situation. I started my photography business. Within a year, I was able to generate over 50,000 in income doing wedding photography.

I also received an award for one of the best Wedding Photographers of the Year by the Knot Magazine and an award from Wedding Wire. I was also a Munaluchi Bridal Magazine member. Things became even more amazing, and I was also recognized by my local radio station and their community partners as the Year’s Phenomenal Business Woman.

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Business Woman in the Making

There are many business ideas and side hustles that can help you keep launch your own business empire, so that you can keep food on the table, pay off debt, and not live paycheck to paycheck. To get started on your entrepreneurial journey, check out these posts.

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I hope you are ready to follow along with me. From the failures to the successes, I want to be with you every step of the way to building your empire. I’m here to help.