how to use the visual search

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how to use the visual search

Want to know how you can improve your click-through rate on Pinterest? Pinterest not only allows for text search but millions of visual searches are performed on the platform year over year.

Keep reading and I will show you how to use Pinterest visual search tool so that you can improve your blogging traffic.

The images you use play a critical role in your rate of shared pins and can prevent your pin from going viral.

How many times have you been scrolling through Pinterest and you notice you have seen the same image on multiple pins from different pinners?

Generally speaking, would that make you want to click on the image?

Are do you speed up your scroll because you are getting tired of seeing the similar pins?

Dot Dollars - 5/14-6/17

Which is why it’s important to make sure you have the best and least used images on Pinterest.

How can you do this? Well, one way to do this is by not consistently using the Free images found on Canva.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to use free images sometimes. However, because images are free, they will be used more frequently. And you will see them more on social media platforms.

Instead of using free images, I strongly suggest using a stock photo subscription service like Deposit Photos.

How to Find Out the Popularity of an Image on Pinterest

To find the popularity of an image we will use Pinterest’s visual search technology. The visual search tool can be used on both the desktop and from the Pinterest app.

Here’s how to perform a visual search.

Click on the QR code icon in the lower right corner of the pin.

 how to perform a visual search on pinterest

After clicking on the icon you will see a list of pins with similar designs in real-world time.

visual search on pinterest

In fact, once a visual search is performed Pinterest displays relevant keywords of the pins. e.g. blog, money, marketing.

Adding these keywords to your pin descriptions is a great way to explode your Pinterest traffic!

Final Thoughts

To help increase your click-through rate on Pinterest, it’s always good to perform a visual search on your Pin designs and images. You can also use the Pinterest lens to find products.

Remember Pinterest is a visually based sight, which means the better the image and design the more likely users will engage with your pins. 

Drop me a few lines, and let me know if you have used the visual search tool before!

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