What You Need to Know About Survey Affiliate Programs

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Are you having a hard time making money blogging? One great way to monetize your blog site is by using online survey affiliate programs.

For months after I created my blog, I bounced back and forth between ideas on how I could make blogging my full-time career. I contemplated selling printables, running ads, and creating courses.

All of which as a new blogger with minimal traffic was not going to earn me enough money, for me to purchase my dream home, or for that matter, a 10 piece from KFC.

But one day, I was signed into MaxBounty Affiliate Network and stumbled across an entire section of paid survey affiliate programs, as well as lead generation affiliate programs.

I grabbed the affiliate links and placed them on my blog, the following weekend I checked back, and noticed I actually had earned $400.00.

Bada Boom Bada Bang!

Survey affiliate programs

Which was exciting for me because I was getting less than 3,000 page views per month.

I realized these survey sites must have a reasonable conversion rate because I actually earned money. I have been an affiliate for some programs, that I was able to send hundreds of visitors to their site, but nobody bought anything, so I didn’t get paid.

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So I decided to create a resource post on ways to get out of debt. Check it out here. Which was very successful for me.

Survey programs work because there is a lot of stay at home moms, and college students who will take surveys to make extra income.

blogging course for bloggers

Survey Affiliate Programs

To help you start making money from blogging, here’s a list of affiliate survey programs.

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MaxBounty– An affiliate Network that offers a variety of survey programs.

Survey Junkie



Other companies also have high pay per lead system. In my opinion, some are kind of spammy looking. So I’m very cautious about recommending those products regardless of the amount of commission I can earn.

Here are a couple more reputable pays per lead affiliate programs, that I recommend.

What to do to Start Making Money

To start making money from affiliate marketing, you will want to install ClickMeter. It’s an affiliate link plugin that disguises your affiliate links.

blog monetization for affiliate programs

No, not so you can trick your readers, but so the internet thieves will not steal your affiliate links, and plus you want to have all of your affiliate links in one convenient place.

ClickMeter also lets you track how many times each link has been clicked. This is great because you want to be able to track which type of affiliate products your audience is interested in.

This information will help you form your affiliate marketing strategy to boost your income.

Trust me it can be extremely time-consuming logging to different accounts to get your affiliate link.

Create An Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Next, you will want to sign up for the programs I mentioned above. Here they go again.

MaxBounty– An affiliate Network that offers a variety of survey programs.

ShareASale – An affiliate network that offers tons of affiliate programs

Once you have completed your sign up it’s now time to create a blog post, in which it would make sense to use these affiliate links.

You wouldn’t want to have a recipe for blueberry muffins and suddenly have a link for Survey Junkie.

FloDesk Email Marketing

But, if you created blog content about eating healthy as a new mom, a link for Snap Kitchen would make sense, and ultimately could result in more affiliate sales.

Final Thoughts

If you are trying to monetize your website or blog, I highly suggest affiliate marketing. This will allow you to make money blogging until you have enough page views to participate in ad programs such as MediaVine or Monumetric.

Survey Affiliate Programs