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Why Catchy Blog Titles Are More Tempting Than Cinnabon

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Did you write a great blog post that you felt should’ve gotten more engagement? Was your blog title not catchy? Imagine being able to ignite your traffic and increase your social shares.

Well, guess what you can. And I’m going to tell you how!

I have written plenty of blog posts and pins for Pinterest that I just knew they had the potential to go viral. But none of them ever did.

A few months into my blogging journey, I realized why I wasn’t attracting readers to my blog.

My blog titles were not catchy, to be honest, they were outright bland and boring.

Maybe, this is the problem you have with your blog post as well. You could have great content, but if you aren’t grabbing people’s attention, then all of your hard work to create that fantastic blog post was in vain.

A recent study by Buzzsumo showed that blog titles that contained these phrases were the worst-performing headlines.

  1. Control of your
  2. your own business
  3. work for you
  4. the introduction of
  5. what’s new in
  6. could you be
  7. the effect of
  8. X simple things
  9. best for you
  10. the nature of
  11. how to move
  12. how much will
  13. the risks of
  14. into the future
  15. back to normal
  16. you should use
  17. on a budget
  18. don’t forget to
  19. that actually work
  20. simple way to

If you have any of these phrases in your blog post, you might want to tweak them to ensure they are more appealing to potential readers.

How to Write a good Title

Today, we are going to learn to create scroll stopping, kick-ass blog titles, that will increase your blog’s page views.

First let’s look at a couple of titles, that are considered less that click worthy.

  • How to Make Money
  • My First Blog Post

You might be wondering what’s wrong with those, they sound ok to me. The reason the titles are not attention-grabbing is that these titles have no value to the reader.

When you create a blog post, I learned this from Michelle of Making Sense of Cents, you have to let the reader know “what is in it for them.”

Good Blog Titles Use These Words

As I’ve stated numerous times within this blog, you must create catchy headline titles to get people to click through to your site.

So what makes the best blog titles?

Blog titles that go viral

The best blog titles are those that have the right word balance. A mixture of words that evoke emotion, words that display power, common and uncommon words that your readers can relate to.

Power words can increase your click-through rate.

  1. Great
  2. Awesome
  3. Super
  4. Cool
  5. Secret
  6. Sexy
  7. Rock-solid
  8. Best
  9. Top
  10. Better
  11. Quick
  12. Fast
  13. Real
  14. Ultimate
  15. Effective
  16. Efficient
  17. Excellent
  18. Amazing
  19. Shocking
  20. Warning
  21. Crazy
  22. Must have
  23. Essential
  24. Important
  25. Proven
  26. Explosive
  27. Extreme
  28. Unbelievable
  29. Unending
  30. Viral
  31. Spice
  32. Exciting
  33. Dangerous
  34. Current
  35. Weird
  36. Interesting
  37. Enticing
  38. Fascinating
  39. Funny
  40. Love
  41. Ever
  42. Unique
  43. Eye-catching
  44. Superb
  45. Guarantee
  46. Easier
  47. Strange
  48. Special
  49. Fresh
  50. Perfect
FloDesk Email Marketing

Words that invokes emotion

8.valuable to
14.under priced

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Keep in mind, that you still want to use SEO keywords when crafting your blog title.

your blog titles tells a lot about you

Let’s look at common and uncommon words, that we want to intertwine with our power, and emotion provoking words.

  1. actually
  2. heart
  3. see
  4. awesome
  5. here
  6. social
  7. baby
  8. more
  9. world
  10. beautiful
  11. right
  12. year
  13. a
  14. her
  15. these
  16. about
  17. how
  18. what
  19. after
  20. this
  21. your
  22. and
  23. why
  24. things

Now that we have a list of words we should use in our headlines, let’s look at a blog title that has the potential to generate traffic. These headlines can also be used on lead magnets to help you to build your email list.

Here’s 35 Opt in Ideas to Grow Your Mailing List.

how to create catchy blog titles

Once I create a title that I’m on the fence about, I like to run it through, Coschedule Headline Analyzer or Portent

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the tools to create amazing headlines, go back and update your old post, create different Pinterest pins for those blog post, and watch your click-through rate increase.

Do you think bad headlines is hurting your traffic? Reply below and let me know!

catchy blog titles

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    1. You can make your blog title creative and still incorporate the SEO keywords. My keywords were blog titles, and I incorporated power words into the blog title. Creativity and uniqueness is key to boost your click-through rates

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