The Best Way to Make Money From Home By Teaching

The Best Way to Make Money From Home

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Want to work from home teaching? Have you heard about VIPKid? VIPKid provides work great online and legit teaching jobs. VIPKid is an online English and educational company based in Beijing China, that hires native English speakers to teach Chinese students English online. 

The Opportunity

VIPKID was rated by Forbes magazine as one of the top companies to work for remote workers. The company pays up to 22.00 per hour, for those who have obtained a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college.

VIPKid is one of the best paying work from home jobs you will find, that do not require any startup investments.

In addition the company offers you the ability to create your own schedule. Making it a great part-time job site for teaching online.

How to Earn Money From Teaching Through the Internet

The first step of the process is to signup and provide basic information about yourself, such as education, and work experience.VIPKid does require you have experience either teaching or tutoring children.

Previous jobs such as camp counselor, babysitter, or being an online tutor would qualify as previous teaching experience.

After the basic information portion of the application, applicants will then be invited to a virtual interview.

Getting ready to work from home teaching online

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There are two options for completing your interview to teach English online. You can either record your interview or do a live interview. I opted to record my interview because I was able to do it on my own time.

Once you have successfully completed the interview process, you will then be required to do a mock class. No need to worry, applicants are not required to create a lesson plan. VIPKid provides a lesson plan they would like you to teach to determine if you are a fit for the job.

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You will receive a mentor who is a veteran teacher of VIPKid to help you successfully complete this process.

Many applicants get freaked out if they do not pass their mock class (certification process) on the first attempt. Because of this applicants are given multiple attempts at passing the mock class portion of the hiring process.


Once you have successfully completed those steps, you are now ready to teach English online! Sounds interesting? Want more information? Head over to VipKid and take the next step of teaching from home.  

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